Consulta del doctor Carballo: ‘La Consulta del Doctor Carballo’: health and care for the elderly, the Third Age

Lread another tuesday ‘The Consultation of Doctor Carballo’ to MARCAwhere everything related to the Seniors. The elderly and care for our elders. To do this, have Rosa Sancho, an expert in nutrition who will help visualize what should be done with the elderly. But also with physical expert Vctor Amores in sport, exercise and electrostimulation.

The emergency specialist details this new chapter. “We went with older relatives who began to see that lose their memory, have hallucinations, things that are not normal. One of the main diagnoses is pseudodementia.”

Reversible and non-reversible dementia

Hay two types of dementias on which science works and tries to find better solutions in the quality of life. “It’s about the progresiva no reversible: the patient who has gradually worsened quality of life, you forget things. it’s clumsier. the main one is Alzheimer’s disease.” But Carabllo details more cases. “Then there are the microinfartoswhat of the Lewy bodies seen through MRI, the fronto-temporal, and another mixed. A lesin traumatica with small bruises that have reabsorbed but have caused brain damage”

Then define what reversible: “It is important when you go to see a doctor. They are very common in emergencies, for example, infections. It is one of the causes, like urinetratndola with antibiotic it passesproblems metabolic with endocrine abnormalities. hyperthyroidism. It has a treatable cause.”

And it also details: “The dnutritional efficiencies. They eat less. Less protein, less vitamin D. You should give older people the sun. Or vitamin B12, or folic acid. There are milks reinforced with this.”

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