it is regularly brought to our attention on consumer forums that certain loan brokers would have their clients sign brokerage mandates without indicating the amount of the fees and especially without giving them a copy.

The amount of fees appears miraculously on the mandate once the file is deposited in the bank!

this practice is totally illegal!

You must immediately contact the DDPP (repression of fraud) to report these facts.

Likewise, if a broker asks you for money when you have not followed up on his proposal, he is in serious breach and risks being prohibited from practicing.

Regulations govern the activity of Intermediaries in banking operations.

Any intermediary must provide you with all the information required by law even before any loan transaction. Consumer Code:Articles : L.311-1 L.313 – R.313-11 – L.313-13 – L.313-64 – L.313-25- L.321-1 and following – L.314-22 – L.321-1 and following L .341-25 – L.341-26 – L.341-27 – L.341-30 – L.341-31 – L.341-41 – L.341-46 – L.341-47 – R.313 -1 and R.313-2 – R.313-30 To R.313-32 Monetary code and financier: Articles : L.519-1 and following – article L.519-4-1 and following – article L.519-1-1 Decree: art. R519-19 to R519-31

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