Consumer protection for Jordanians: Don’t waste Ramadan

March 21, 2023

Consumer protection for Jordanians: Don't waste Ramadan

Watan Al-Youm: The Consumer Protection Association called on Jordanians not to waste and extravagance in Ramadan, and said it hopes that the government, represented by the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites, will have the title of the first Friday sermon of the blessed month of Ramadan on rationalizing consumption, not extravagance and waste in food, and checking on family, neighbors and friends. And the poor and orphans whose financial condition is limited and feeling with them and offering them a hand of help and assistance without notifying them of any kind of amenity or harm.
The association said in a Hala statement that it had approved its plan for the blessed month of Ramadan for the current year in terms of market control, purchasing and consumer awareness procedures, follow-up and monitoring of the commodity price index that citizens use on a daily basis during the blessed month of Ramadan, and receiving complaints and observations of citizens and following them up with the relevant regulatory authorities.
The Consumer Protection Association said that the difficult economic conditions we live in as a result of the exceptional circumstances that afflicted the world forced many citizens with limited and medium incomes to adjust their behavioral, purchasing and consumption patterns, and it also worked to change their priorities to try to adapt to the new conditions that were imposed on them. All relevant authorities must join efforts and coordinate in the holy month in order to provide all the commodities that citizens need on a daily basis in sufficient quantities, at moderate prices and of high quality commensurate with purchasing capacities, and to inflict the most severe penalties on violators who unjustly raise their prices.
And she indicated that the association’s plan for the current year will consist of 3 axes, the first axis will be a control axis, in which the focus will be on the markets to monitor the availability of goods in the markets in sufficient quantities, moderate prices and high quality, and alert citizens to the need to ensure the suitability of goods for use and consumption and also pay attention to The correctness of their weights and follow-up and transfer of observations and complaints of citizens to the official authorities against violators who exploit the needs of citizens in this holy month.
As for the second axis, it will be an educational and indicative axis directed to citizens in general and housewives in particular, through cooperation with all media in order to educate citizens and housewives and urge them to follow the right approach, regarding the types and quantities of food that will be served at the breakfast table and focus on healthy foods. And available, such as fresh vegetables and fresh chicken, and focus on one type of food; To prevent waste and extravagance in food.
And she indicated that the third axis will focus on the symbiotic aspect between citizens, as our true religion urges them to feel with the poor and help needy families, as the duty requires everyone to be one hand like a compact structure, so coordination and cooperation between citizens and charities that care and care about this matter is necessary In order to deliver in-kind and material assistance to the deserving of the chaste and poor families on the first day of the holy month, due to their dire need for it, with the need to ensure the suitability of these goods for human use.

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