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Champagne sales have returned to almost identical levels to before the Covid pandemic, which dampened sales and discouraged people from partying.

According to the Syndicat général des vignerons de Champagne, the gradual opening of world markets should increase global sales to an estimated level of 305 million bottles in 2021.

After long months of separation, people are ready to party again.

“If I had to guess, I think consumers are ready to celebrate even the little things in life,” said Natalie Pavlatos, spokesperson for the Champagne Bureau, in the United States.

According to data from Comite Champagne, a trade association representing champagne producers and houses, it saw an 18% drop in 2020 from the previous year, with sales of $ 4.8 billion. and the export of 244 million bottles.

The sector’s turnover, which remains France’s second-largest export industry after aerospace, reached a loss of around $ 980 million. The last time the Champagne region reported a similar volume of shipments was in 2017, when it represented 307 million bottles.

The full picture of this year’s champagne sales won’t appear until after the holidays, which begin with Thanksgiving and end with New Years Eve, Pavlatos said. But she added that producers are recording sales that are well above last year’s levels, according to the Champagne Bureau. In some places, they are ahead of the pre-pandemic pace, she said.

“So we might actually see not only a return to normal but even better results than in 2019,” Pavlatos said.

In 2019, champagne houses shipped 297.6 million bottles worldwide, with the majority destined for the United States, valued at over $ 753 million.

The rise in champagne sales in 2021 is also tracked by the London-based IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.

“After a 2% drop in 2019, the category is down almost 18% from last year,” the IWSR analyst said, citing data from the Drinks Market Analysis group.

This year, the group expects global champagne volumes to increase by around 4%, along with similar annual increases through 2025.

The US champagne market is expected to post similar numbers.