Contactless travel and sustainable mobility at Expo

Expo Dubai: «The Gulf»
Sustainable tourism, contactless travel, digital communication strategies, and Expo 2020-powered innovators who are changing lives are all major themes at Travel and Connectivity Week (9-15 January 2021), the most recent theme week of Expo 2020 Dubai.
Theme Week, the latest in a series of 10 Thematic Weeks to run throughout the 182-day period of Expo 2020, bringing together industry leaders, innovators and policy makers to explore digitalization and connectivity as a universal human right and a force for good in a changing world.
The dialogues on the week’s kick-off centered around national communication strategies, and included the likes of Marochka Chocobar Reyes, Secretary to Government and Digital Transformation at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru, and Mark Hansen, Minister Delegate for Digitalization in Luxembourg, who spoke about the European country’s collaborative strategy and the National Action Plan for Integration digital.
The week also featured innovators supported by Expo 2020 Dubai, such as the Jangala Foundation, which transforms communication in difficult emergency and development situations such as refugee camps, and the Laboratoria project from Peru, which economically empowers women across Latin America.
As for the Spain pavilion, it hosted companies and institutions from Spain and the UAE, and conducted a dialogue on smart solutions to create an infrastructure for sustainable mobility, in a pre-show of the “Global Mobility Call” event, the first global event on sustainable mobility, to be held in the city of Madrid from 14 to 16 June.
Talks at the Women’s Pavilion on Monday (January 10th) dealt with bridging the digital divide, and representatives from two of Expo 2020 Dubai’s partners, Accenture and UPS, appeared. This was followed at the UK pavilion on Tuesday by the “Digital Council: The Digital Twin and the New Reality: Living and Thriving in a New Reality”, which addressed digitized services, artificial intelligence, and the capabilities of digital twin technology.
As for the Business Forum for Travel and Communication, held on Tuesday, January 11, within the framework of the Man and Planet Program, it explored the future of sustainable tourism, and included representatives from Portugal, Seychelles and Bhutan, among other countries. In light of the current pandemic-related demand for contactless travel.
Among the highlights of this topic week, the Swiss startup Exomotion won first place in the “Future of Mobility Hackathon” held in cooperation with Siemens at Expo 2020 from January 9 to 13.
Exomotion aims to enhance mobility and access in cities for people of determination, and it will receive a Mind Sphere package that will be used for one year, which helps it to continue working on its solution. Siemens, the official Expo 2020 partner for the digitization of infrastructure, will also provide several opportunities to develop the network of relationships within and outside Siemens; The winner will be able to showcase both the startup and the IoT solution to different critical audiences.
The activities of the Travel and Communication Week ended with the “Dialogue of Cultures… The Cloud Does Not Own” session at the DB World pavilion, bringing together artists and experts in artificial intelligence alike to discuss the mechanism by which data-driven social activism can bring about social change, and lead to results. Centered on individuals and communities to reduce systemic injustice.
The 10 weeks of Expo 2020 are an essential pillar of the World Expo Program for People and Planet Earth, which allows the exchange of inspiring new visions to address the greatest challenges and opportunities of our era.