Containment: Verviers takes additional measures

Verviers is the large city in Belgium most affected by the epidemic. The mayor forbids all group activity for children and closes places of worship.

Dhe main Belgian cities, Verviers is the one most severely affected by the epidemic. Local authorities have decided to go beyond the measures taken on Friday by the consultation committee. Muriel Targnion (ex-PS), the mayor of the former woolen city, issued a police order which provides for additional provisions.

Catastrophic, the health situation prompted the Verviers hospital to build a countryside infrastructure on a parking lot. It can house 34 mildly affected covid patients.

According to figures available this Sunday at Sciensano, the incidence rate in Verviers (number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants) was 4,319 cases in fourteen days, or more than 4%. The incidence rates were 1,243 in Antwerp, 2,171 in Brussels and 2,943 in Liège. In fact, 2,400 new cases were recorded in two weeks for a population of 55,000 Verviers.

But it is a whole sub-region that is taking the full brunt of this second wave of the epidemic. The incidence rates of 4,294 in Dison, 4,983 in Pepinster, 4,989 in Herve and up to 5,213 in the bucolic entity of Jalhay attest to this.

Let us return to the capital of the arrondissement: in a rather uncomfortable political situation (a decision of the Council of State allowed her to find her lost scarf), Muriel Targnion therefore felt that a local reaction was necessary. “We have more young people under 24 who test positive than people over 65,” she says.

The two additional measures are as follows. One: all sports, cultural or youth movement activities for children under 12 are prohibited, both outdoors and indoors. Two: With the exception of funerals, all places of worship will remain closed until further notice.



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