Contaminated cosmetics? “60 Million Consumers” warns of toxic dangers

This Thursday, August 27, 2020, the site 60 Million Consumers warned about the presence of toxic components in certain cosmetic products. We tell you more.

This is the news that hit the headlines this Thursday, August 27. If you are a cosmetics addict: beware!

The reason ? Association 60 Million Consumers today unveiled a survey of beauty products, including many well-known brands. Result: the site warns about the presence of toxic components found in certain cosmetics.

Dangerous components

In the report published on August 27, we discover that the association conducted its study on more than 86 products. Among them, we find brands like L’Oreal, Carrefour but also Weleda or Dior. Yes, you read that right.

In certain products, potentially carcinogenic, polluting, irritant and sensitizing substances are thus discovered. Marks Dop and Weleda were also pinned:

“Some shower products, Carrefour, Dop and Weleda brand, contain coumarin, a substance described as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic”, as specified The world.

Worse still, some branded toothpastes like Oral B, Sanogyl, Sensodyne, Signal, show traces of heavy metals, such as zinc and tin, substances also identified as toxic to health.

Although this survey may seem edifying, it is not intended to scare consumers. Indeed, Adélaïde Robert, head of the health section at theAFP spoke on the subject:

“In the event of a proven and immediate risk to health, we would not have these products on the market,” she confided to the Le Monde site. “It is rather a question of indicating products whose regular use and over a long period of time. period can have adverse consequences on the body. “

Which products to use?

In this study, 60 Million Consumers warns about the risks and urges consumers to be vigilant about the list of ingredients of each product. It is recommended to opt for natural cosmetics, with non-toxic substances. Besides, you can use the app Yuka to help you scan the ingredient list.

Finally, this survey is not intended to charge the major cosmetic brands but rather to call on them to change the composition of their products. for the good and health of all.


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