Conte and Grillo, the great return

That the wind is changing for the Five Star Movement is already testified by the fact that this meeting is held: a Monday morning at the end of summer, at 10.30 (then oh well there are the classic Contian academic three-quarters of an hour, but there is , is part of the rituals of the electoral campaign), at the market in Piazza Palermo, one of the most popular and at the same time bourgeois in Genoa, a meeting point between Albaro, the most chic neighborhood, and La Foce, one of the most pop neighborhoods.

The Count at the Genoa market

Yet, despite the hour, or perhaps precisely for the hour, one of those with the greatest influx of housewives and pensioners at the market, the journey between the stalls and the final rally in the gardens of Giuseppe Conte’s square are a triumph. Starting with a fact: exactly as it happened to Giorgia Meloni, at the Porto Antico in Genoa and a little throughout Italy, the public in the square is real, real, in flesh and blood, not camel troops brought by the parties. The former prime minister speaks of “confidential polls” that give the Movement a strong and continuous growth, but the very existence of this rally is proof of something similar. Because, as we said and as we wrote also in recent days in Tiscalinews, it really didn’t have to be there, the Genoese single-member colleges – although both won in the last legislature – were given up for lost and Beppe Grillo was very far away. From Conte and the election campaign.
And instead.

Beppe Grillo’s profile picture

Instead, almost simultaneously with Conte’s rally, on the profile of Beppe Grillo, who for practically a week hadn’t published anything directly related or attributable to the electoral campaign, a photo of the founder and former premier from behind, together with the hill, appears. of sant’Ilario behind and the sea in front and a reference to the next pentastellato event, “Towards 2050!” and the hashtag of the MoVimento election campaign: “#dallapartegiusta”.
But, at the same time, Giuseppe Conte also publishes the same photograph on his social networks, with the image of Grillo showing the horizon to Conte: “In Genoa, I take this opportunity for a quick greeting to Beppe. With heart and courage always #from the right side “. The rest comes as a consequence. The leader of the Movement wanders around the market stalls and is a crowd, especially female, with “the Conte’s Bimbs” unleashed: “President you are beautiful”, “I touched his hand”, “I greeted him and I he smiled ”,“ I kissed him ”, in a klimax that, in the dreams of ladies, milfs and gilfs, would also contemplate harder curtains.

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The former premier sings “Bella ciao”

He has a smile and a condescension with everyone: he sings “Bella ciao” among the people to respond to Laura Pausini (“it is wrong to say that it is a divisive song. It is a foundation of the reaction to the fascist dictatorship, a song of all and for all those who recognize themselves in the authentically democratic and anti-fascist spirit of the Constitution “), stops at the food banks commenting on the increase in food and those of Chinese-made junk, all for one euro, expressing solidarity” for the increase in materials first on quality products “. In short, Giuseppe knows how to be concave and convex, piacione if there is one and it is the secret of his success. And it is really another world compared to the last time he came here for the municipal, in the historic center in Piazza Banchi and he felt an air of defeat even from the stage. Many of those present, it is very clear, are orphans of his government and of the pandemic period, as evidenced by the very high percentage of masks worn, despite the fact that we are outdoors.

The real enemies

In the square with him are his Genoese dioscuri, the group leader in the Municipality Luca Pirondini, the former Undersecretary for Transport of the Count, two Roberto Traversi, Fabio Ceraudo and Stefano Giordano, but the eyes and hearts are all for Giuseppe: “He and his they never stole. We finally got rid of the Democratic Party. And what about Meloni who wants to take away the rights? “. But they are almost pricks, slaps similar to dialectical caresses, compared to the real enemies of the day who are first and foremost Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda. Renzi had severely attacked Conte a few hundred meters from here, at the Aquarium on Saturday afternoon: “You must be ashamed of Giuseppe Conte thinking that someone could beat me. This way of doing things that praises violence is incredible, Conte is half a man, the courage to make a civil confrontation on the issues, this is the language of a political mafia Three hours ago Palermo Conte said ‘Renzi comes unescorted to Palermo to say that he wants to remove the citizenship income’, what are you doing Giuseppe Conte? threatening physical violence. When one says let’s go to the electoral campaign and bring all those with the citizenship income, he uses patronizing language, it is a vote of exchange “.

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The controversy with Renzi

In short, the climate is torrid after Renzi’s accusations and his successor at Palazzo Chigi reciprocates with interest: “A little character like Renzi would not fill his mouth with attacks on upright people like Scarpinato”, and again: “He and Calenda speak of Draghi who said, he, not me, that he is not available to return to Palazzo Chigi. So, if you have no idea, why are you going to the elections? Just because Confindustria wrote you some dossiers? ”.
And then there is obviously something for Luigi Di Maio, evoked, not benevolently, from the square, dismissed first with a joke (“Judas has condemned history alone”) and then with the story of the new course: ” freed of some characters who no longer shared our path and we replaced them with great magistrates or former magistrates such as Scarpinato and Cafiero de Raho or technicians such as Livio De Santoli, the pro-rector of Sapienza, absolute excellence in the study of energy, to indicate solutions concrete, starting from the generalized energy communities, with every Italian producer of his own energy and bills cut by 40 percent “.

The comeback of the Movement

The rest is a tribute to Genoa (“a city with which I have a strong relationship, born with the drama of Morandi”), the answer to those who shout at him “President, only you can save us”, a cry that often rang out over the three days in Sicily “And to which I replied that we can only be saved together”. And then obviously the defense of income and the nine points “handed over to Draghi and remained a dead letter”. “We want social justice and not welfare, permanent employment contracts, breaking down the tax wedge, correcting the citizenship income, but only on the side of labor policies to help young people find it and also the 35 hours of work per week to equal salary “, an old Bertinotti dream of 1996. In short, there is a bit of everything in this new fighting Count, but also a bit of government, revolutionary, but also a bit bourgeois, elegant, but also a po ‘descamisado: “Not even I suspected a similar comeback, now they are all worried about the data that give us a great rise”. The basin to which the former prime minister looks is that of abstention. Very rich tank.