Italian schools will reopen next September. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, assured it, also confirming that from May 4 productive activities such as industry and construction will resume. “We cannot prolong the lock any longer, because we are running the risk that there will be too great damage to the socio-economic fabric of the country,” said the head of the Executive in an interview published this Sunday by the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’. Bars and restaurants will still have to wait to reopen, although until that moment the food delivery service will be strengthened so that they can survive.

Conte met this Sunday with the representatives of the 5 Star Movement and the Democratic Party, the political forces that support the Government, as well as with a delegation from the regions and municipalities. In this way, it intends to agree on the plan for lack of confidence, the details of which it will present this afternoon or already at the beginning of next week.

From then on, some economic activities considered essential will be resumed, such as works in prisons, schools and those dedicated to avoiding floods, in addition to industries that are predominantly export-oriented. Among them could be the fashion sector, which puts pressure on the government not to have to wait until May 4. “They risk being left out of interconnected production lines and international value chains,” said the Prime Minister to justify the early opening of the export sector.

Regarding the schools, closed since March 5, Conte did not even contemplate a restart in the remainder of the course, although he guaranteed that classes will resume in September. However, he acknowledged that the various scenarios developed by the committee of experts advising the Government contemplate “very high risks of contagion”. The head of the Executive also announced in the aforementioned interview that he will regulate the price of the masks to avoid speculation with these devices that will be essential in closed spaces during the so-called ‘phase two’.

The government published a circular last night in which it reported that residents in coastal municipalities can walk along the beach, provided it is in the vicinity of their homes and keeping their distance from other people and other security measures. They are also allowed to swim in the sea, but they must do it alone. The same occurs in municipalities that have lakes.

The pandemic exceeds 195,000 infected and 26,000 deaths in Italy, although yesterday recorded the smallest increase in the number of deaths since March 17: 415 new deaths were recorded.


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