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Home World Conte: «On Monday, we approve the Budget Law». Salvini brakes

Conte: «On Monday, we approve the Budget Law». Salvini brakes

Maneuver, Count: «Inverted recession trend, now we will convince the EU»

Giuseppe With you try to take the run-up in a key week for the maneuver, aiming to give the go-ahead to both the budget law and the tax decree in the Council of Ministers Monday, making axis with Luigi Di But I in an attempt to tighten the times. "We approve the budget law on Monday," remarked with the head of the M5S. But Matteo Salvini brakes: «We could close in the week», he declares cautiously.

In fact, there are distances between cinquestelle and Lega on the measures to be taken, especially on the tax authorities, and there is a lot of skepticism in the majority that the maneuver can arrive in two days on the executive table ready to be launched. Giuseppe Conte still shows optimism, "we are reversing the trend of recession to focus on growth," he says, "let us compare with the EU". And, agree with Di Maio, try the blitz to immediately arm the measures of the maneuver. But the League does not see the procedure of the law so fast, indeed. The tensions with the Treasury enter the living flesh. Giovanni Tria, after the hard clash on Alitalia just with the pentastellato leader, feels again tight in the grip between the two vice premieres, overridden by announcements of nationalization or defense of Italianness. In view of the Council on Monday, the technicians of Palazzo Chigi work hard. "We will meet even before to agree on the last details," says Conte. Informal contacts are under way among the leaders and ministers. The planning budget document on the maneuver should be sent to the EU Commission by Monday midnight. A scheme on which Brussels will pronounce itself. "It pulls straight, or rather straight," assures Salvini, but the times of the League leader are different from those imagined by Conte and Di Maio. "We could close this week – he says – if we do not have other surprises from other offices with some economic genius".

Allusion to the technicians of the ministries who would row against. Then he promises: "I will break the Fornero law at any cost, I have been elected for this". In the arduous search for a quadrature fits Tria who is described by those who have heard him as "exasperated, embittered, not serene". "There is one every day, so you can not go on," the Minister of Economy would have said to those who had the opportunity to talk to him. So much so as to circulate rumors of his resignation after the budget session. Voices that however do not find any confirmation in ministerial circles. Today, on Alitalia, Salvini also takes office, assuring that "a country that can have so much from tourism can not lose a flight company, given to the first foreigner who passes". A new overriding of the role of the Treasury, already forced to swallow, without reacting with a blatant distancing, the toad of the ratio deficit-GDP to 2.4%: probably – we reason in parliamentary circles – also for the moral suasion of the Quirinale . Meanwhile, the opposition attacks the government. «The maneuver downloads everything against young people. against their future ", according to the secretary of the PD Maurizio Martina, which reiterates the suspicion of a M5S-Lega majority that would like to blow up the Euro. The candidate for leadership dem Nicola Zingaretti, governor of Lazio, warns: "I say this with great clarity to the government, and the administrators will say: do not you dare to cut a euro transfers to local authorities." From Forza Italia – struggling with the internal wire-Salvini – Mariastella Gelmini, head of the House, reiterates that as the maneuver will never be voted by the Blues, accusing the League "to allow the five countries of the collapse of the country." And again: «Salvini explains to the entrepreneurs of the North that he will vote the income of citizenship …».

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