Content of the 42nd Semi Congress: diagnostic targets

Jesús Díez Manglano, president of the SEMI.

The 42nd Congress National of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) It will be held from November 24 to 26, 2021 at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Galicia de Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña). This edition will host relevant topics such as infectious diseases; autoimmune and minority; the diabetes and obesity o la heart failure and the risk of vaccination, among many others.

In this 42nd Congress, they will meet internists across the country to analyze new diagnostic targets and therapeutic in the approach of multiple pathologies, novelties in different fields of action and of the clinical practice of the Internal Medicine and to analyze the present and future of the specialty and its role within the National system of health (SNS), particularly after the transcendental role played by internists since the beginning of the pandemic.

A hundred activities will be held

Among the main thematic axes of the Congress, are included: diagnostic and therapeutic novelties in the management of heart failure and vascular risk; in infectious diseases (VIH, imported and traveler pathologies, skin and soft tissue infections); in diabetes, obesity and nutrition; in COPD; in autoimmune and minority diseases; on thromboembolic disease venous; in dyslipidemia; in alcoholism; in chronicity, multiple pathologies and approach to the elderly patient; on osteoporosis; in home hospitalization, shared care, palliative care, palliative sedation and end-of-life care; in clinical ultrasound; in health and climate change; on alcoholism; in medical big data and in telemedicine, among other relevant issues; as well as on the role of the internist, as a specialist in the comprehensive approach to chronic patient, complex and / or multi-pathological or hospitalized with systemic diseases, and on the challenges of the present and the future for the Internal Medicine.

This edition has a scientific program with more than one hundred of activities that address novelties in different areas of the specialty, which is defined by the global vision of the patient and plays a central role in the hospital care for chronic patients, complex and / or multi-pathological, or with pathologies of a systemic nature.

Parallel to this, the 37th Congress of the Galician Society of Internal Medicine (Sogami). Through more than a hundred activities, between them round tables, debates, workshops, update sessions, encounters with the expert, conferences, oral communication exposition sessions, the meeting with Nursing and the afternoon of the resident, multiple topics related to clinical practice and common pathologies in the practice of Internal Medicine will be analyzed.

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