“Conte’s campaign in the immoral South”

“I am in favor of the minimum wage but also of dismantling the citizenship income because as it is today it does not work”, said the leader of Action

Carlo Calenda

guest last night at “

Fourth Republic

“explained the recipe of the Third Pole in

work theme

. “Agencies must act on who receives the income and is able to work, train them and send them to the companies that need them.” The former Minister of Economic Development then attacked the leader of the Five Star Movement

Giuseppe Conte

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election tour in Sicily: “Conte’s campaign in the South is immoral” – he said – He is the father of the citizenship income that is paid by nurses, teachers and policemen. This money goes to people who can work but refuse the job. ”

On the construction site of the

Third Pole

after the elections of 25 September, Calenda traced the future of his movement: “For thirty years we have been voting against the right and the left. We are designing a great republican, secular and popular party in the wake of the tradition of Lincoln and Mazzini. “.