The draw "Cinemark Te Invita a la Nasa" is aimed at students residing in Chile, who study seventh or eighth grade in municipal or private subsidized schools, and who agree to participate in the contest spread in the post "Cinemark invites you to NASA" arranged on the Facebook page and answer the above question. Only the answers and comments entered within the term of the Contest will participate.

The prize will be awarded and financed by Ivicon and consists of living the experience of the program called "Hasse Junior Space School" that is taught in the city of Houston, Texas and in Huntsville, Alabama, both located in the USA.

The basis of this Award indicates that the winner of the Contest will be selected randomly and computationally among 10 finalists, whose prize will be notified via email on October 5, 2018. The winner will have to travel from Santiago de Chile with his father and mother or in their absence legal guardian on January 15, 2019 and until January 27, 2019. As requirements, the contestants must have a valid passport, a valid US visa, a notarized permission to leave the country issued by their parents or of them by their legal guardian and any other antecedent or permit that may be required for the Prize to be collected, used and enjoyed.

The "Cinemark Te Invita a la Nasa" contest is an initiative of this chain of cinemas in alliance with "Ivicon".

Do you want to participate for this movie prize?

The winner of the contest will be selected among those who respond, until October 3 at 23:59, at the link: CinemarkChile the question How do you imagine human life outside the Earth?

The selected participant can live as a true astronaut in Houston, Texas, and in Huntsville, Alabama, United States of America thanks to the "Hasse Junior Space School" courtesy of "Ivicon".

Review the bases at

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