Contest chooses the funniest photos captured in the animal world; see finalists

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A laughing snake, a mother otter “fighting” with her baby and penguins having fun on a beach are some common scenes in nature, but when caught by a photographer’s lens they become more than unusual, and funny! The “Wildlife Comedy Photographer of the Year” contest selected the funniest pictures of animals and created a contest to choose the best click.

The contest, which has been in existence since 2015, aims to help promote the conservation of wild species and their habitats in a light and fun way. Other images chosen this year are starring Australian kangaroos, a yawning monkey, and even a bird and a fish in an unusual situation in the Brazilian Pantanal.

Professional and amateur photographers were able to participate in the competition. A panel of experts will choose the winners. Those selected can win a safari in Kenya, a subscription to Affinity Photo (picture editing software), a ThinkThank camera bag, and of course, the Wildlife Comedy Photographer of the Year grand prize.

“People love seeing these beautiful creatures in these silly situations — it reminds us that we’re not that different from them,” said Tom Sullan, one of the competition’s co-founders.

In addition to the artists, the orangutans will also be awarded: 10% of the proceeds raised in this year’s contest will go to Save Wild Orangutans, which preserves the species in and around Gunung Palung National Park in Borneo.

Voting is also open for the public to choose the animal they found the most funny. Just access the contest link until October 10th.

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