Continental phase of the Synod: ready to discern

As the Synod on Synodality enters a new phase, we offer a series of videos to explore how the continental phase is preparing, after the arrival of the documents at the diocesan and national level.

A group of experts from five continents, with different skills and points of view, is meeting until October 2 in Frascati, near Rome, to draft the document for the second stage of the synodal process 2021-2023 – the stage of the Synod – and thus continue the process of discernment, dialogue and listening. In collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Synod, David Costa, a young videographer from Costa Rica, documents the unprecedented experience of the General Secretariat of the Synod, promoting a series of videos made during this preparatory phase.

ready to discern

In this second video, David talks with Anne Béatrice Faye, CIC, Doctor of Philosophy and member of the Association of African Theologians (ATA), about the importance of prayer in preparing for true spiritual discernment. For his part, Father Giacomo Costa SJ, member of the Coordinating Group, explains how the methodology adopted aims to ensure not only that each contribution received by the Secretariat has received appropriate attention, but also what the Holy Spirit suggests to the ‘Church.