Contracting authorities will be able to obtain civil protection measures through the CPO LT electronic catalog

CPO LT, taking into account the turbulent geopolitical situation and the need for contracting authorities to replenish the existing reserves of civil protection measures, creates a module of Civil Protection Measures for the acquisition of these measures. Thanks to this module, contracting authorities will be able to quickly and efficiently purchase the missing civil protection equipment through the CPO LT electronic catalog, and the suppliers of such equipment will be provided with competitive conditions and the opportunity to offer the available goods.

Department of Fire Protection and Rescue (PAGD) until 2026. is scheduled to distribute about 76 million. EUR 20 million each. Eur annually as required to purchase civil protection equipment. According to specific needs, it is planned to purchase protective clothing, respirators, footwear, radio communications and related equipment, outdoor furniture, tents, sleeping bags, household appliances, ventilation, heating equipment, electricity generators, containers, modular systems, etc.

At present, the Central Public Procurement Information System (CVP IS) has already published a public procurement “Orders for Civil Protection Measures through the CPO LT electronic catalog”. Suppliers until June 30. may submit initial applications to participate in the procurement. In parallel, CPO LT prepares draft technical specifications submitted according to the needs and technical characteristics of municipalities and PAGD. Subsequently, both contracting authorities and suppliers will be invited to participate in a market consultation, during which the technical parameters of the goods will be refined and the final technical specifications will be published in the established dynamic purchasing system (DPS). The MTF is developed for a period of 5 years. New suppliers offering civil protection measures will be able to join at any time during this period. During the validity of the DPS, CPO LT will continuously update the technical specifications according to the needs of municipalities, PAGD and all other contracting authorities.

“In order to ensure the widest possible activity and competition of suppliers, the qualification requirements of suppliers are not applied in the centralized procurement of Civil Protection Equipment. In order to participate in specific procurements, suppliers must submit only the application and the necessary documents for admission to the MTF, and later – the documents of compliance with the technical specifications for approval of specific offered goods in the CPO LT electronic catalog, ”says Dovilė Aleksandravičienė, CPO LT Head of Health Procurement.

According to D. Aleksandravičienė, suppliers who will be able to offer containers, sleeping bags, mobile air heating systems, radio stations, clothing sets, dose rate meters, etc. are especially welcome.

Centralized procurement of civil protection measures will lead to significant savings in human resources for contracting authorities, which will reduce the administrative burden of complex complex procurement. Purchasing in the CPO LT catalog takes place within 8 working days – this is how long the public procurement process takes from the order formation to the automatic contract generation.

“Using the CPO LT electronic catalog, contracting authorities will have the opportunity to choose the criterion of the lowest price or price-quality ratio. Also, given the rupture of civil protection supply chains across Europe, there will be a choice of 1-10 months for delivery. interval, ”notes D. Aleksandravičienė.

CPO LT consultants, monitoring the market situation, will be ready to advise contracting authorities on the deadline for the delivery of specific goods and answer other questions.

Contracting authorities and suppliers are invited to follow the information on the market consultation on technical specifications and the establishment of the Civil Protection Measures DPS on the CPO LT website after 30 June.

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