Charles Bronson's wife says her controlling husband drove her to the brink of suicide.
Britain's most infamous prisoner, 65, told Paula Williamson, 37, he divorced her after seeing pictures of her on vacation with a man's head in her breasts.
The former soap opera, 37, said in tears that it was time "that people know the truth about what happened between us".

Paula Williamson said her husband Charles Bronson controlled them from behind bars (Photo: Rex Features)

Bronson's lawyer told Paula that the prisoner filed for divorce on Friday (Photo: Rex Features). She told the Sunday Mirror, "This relationship has marginalized me and I was so low that I even thought about taking my own life.
I was being used and controlled by behind bars because he made fun of my weight and told me that I'm embarrassed. "
Paula found out that her marriage was over after Bronson got a friend to deliver the news.
She continued, "I faced him in prison a few months ago when I was standing on the floor for wasting his chances of parole and I showed him scars on my arm that I tried to use pity. "
Paula added that she felt as if Bronson had "chewed me and spit me out, just as he did with the last woman who fell in love with him."

She said her husband drove her from behind bars. (Photo: Rex Features) The couple closed the knot at the HMP Wakefield High Security Prison in West Yorkshire last November in a ceremony attended by just four friends.
They shared a toast with mineral water before the prisoner was returned to his cell.
Bronson, also known as Charles Salvador, is serving a life sentence and has been detained for more than three decades.
After seeing the pictures she claims, Connor Boyes, 26, in Tenerife, ventured to "motorboat" her breasts to see if they were real or false.
In another picture she was seen meeting another man who kissed her on the lips.

Paula is a former soap star (Picture: Rex Features)

Bronson serves life in prison (Image: Rex Features) She says the incident is just "joke" and happens in a gay bar.
But on Friday, Bronson's lawyer said it was the last drop and that he wanted to break up.
Female hare forced to challenge male hare to boxing match if he doesnt take the hint. Paula told the pub that she should file the divorce, but that she loves him too much.
Bronson has forbidden her to visit him and he is not allowed to receive calls because of his last prison attack.
Paula said, "I feel so helpless, I have not had anything and the worst thing is that I know everyone thinks, 'I told you'.


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