Controversial Statement by Forensic Psychiatrist on Early General Elections

The call for early general elections for next July 23 continues to be the protagonist of all radio and television programs. This Thursday, Iker Jiménez began his program Horizonte speaking of the electoral advance set by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

After his introduction, he presented his collaborators for their opinion on the subject. The first one he gave way to was the forensic psychiatrist José Cabrera, whose opinion is outraging on social networks.

Cabrera began with the motto of the Franco regime “Spain, one, great and free”. “Spain is a very big, wonderful country. In fact, many years ago Spain was one, big and free, and now there are 100 small and angry ones,” he said.

The psychiatrist added “said the joke” and said that he had just arrived from Ceuta, from which he said that “it is a city where people live for dignity.” “Now I ask myself, why do we citizens deserve what is happening? Why are citizens going to vote in a month in which they never voted?” He asked himself.

This cut has been published on Twitter the user Guillermo Guijarro and it has aroused the indignation of many users of the social network, who have not given credit for allowing these types of statements to be released on television.

2023-06-02 12:32:06

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