Controversial: Yanina Latorre threatened to spread “nudes” of China Suárez

Yanina Latorre was furious after hearing the notarial request that China Suárez sent to both Los Angeles de la Mañana and Intruders not to disseminate or comment on any private material that involves her, and she responded online.

This Tuesday the driver of The Morning Angels, revealed that the China Suarez sent “a series of extrajudicial and judicial actions, so that they do not affect the dignity of the actress” both for “Lam” and for the program “Intruders.”

Faced with this, Diego Latorre’s wife was enraged by the measure taken by Suarez and shared warning stories on her Instagram account.

“They must immediately refrain from disseminating, reproducing, exhibiting, reading, referring or commenting on any private correspondence that involves my name,” said China Suarez in her notarial request. While Angel de Brito commented on the notarial request made by China Suarez, Tower commented: “He is afraid that we will show the naked pictures“, And added:” He lost dignity alone. “

Faced with this, Diego Latorre’s wife was enraged by the measure that Suarez took and shared on her account Instagram, some warning stories. “The Chinese Suárez forbade us to speak in LAM, but not on Instagram, love,” he said.

“That made me angry. The issue is that I do not like to extort or threaten, “he added. “In my live or Instagram stories, we can continue talking about the data that comes to us. It is not a threat, it is information. What crazy no? Cut freedom of expression “, warned the columnist of BLUE.

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