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Xalapa, Ver.- The Governor of the State, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, announced that some schools in the entity will be able to rejoin face-to-face classes on May 24.

At a press conference, he noted that Most state institutions are expected to implement safe return to classrooms by June 1, as long as the entity remains green in the national epidemiological traffic light.

He pointed out that for such dates they will return to face-to-face classes the institutions that have the necessary conditions and in which the teachers so decide.

When presenting the Strategy Return to Face-to-Face Classes, the state president said that the return to classes will be voluntary, so that each parent will decide whether or not to send their child to the school where they are enrolled.

He recalled that yesterday he held a virtual meeting with the head of the SEP, Delfina Gomez Alvarez, who stressed that the necessary measures must be generated to avoid contagion within the schools.

Given this, he mentioned that the schools will be given the cleaning kits that are required to keep the different areas of the schools in optimal conditions.

In addition, he stressed that the return to classes will be staggered, that is, Students will rejoin the corresponding days, as determined internally.

“We decided to return to classes when the educational personnel were vaccinated, when the vulnerable sector was vaccinated, it was part of the national strategy that was considered to make this decision,” he said.

He pointed out that for a month the state has remained green in the national epidemiological traffic light, so the determination was made to apply the back-to-school strategy.

In that sense, he asked to be attentive to municipal conditions, since those demarcations that are in red will not be able to return to classes.

“We cannot return to classes in red, but the municipalities that are in yellow and green can,” he said.

García Jiménez made it clear that the decision of the parents will be respected; However, those who decide to send their children to classes will have to deliver to the school to which they belong a letter of commitment with which they assure that they will maintain the sanitary measures and respect the instructions of the schools on the care that must be taken by the return to classes.

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He commented that institutions will have a School Health Committee, protocol measures and the application of sanitation in each of the areas of the schools.

“The parents who bring their children will deliver the letter and for those who decide not to, then the teacher will determine the way in which the child’s education is developed. We are left with the idea that everyone will be in school, but it is not like that, you have to consider the day that they have to do, ”he said.

He also stated that it will be counted with the necessary actions so that, in case of detecting a positive case, you can act immediately.

“Let’s not forget that it is for the good of your children, it is not something new, remember that in childhood they are easily infected with other diseases, who did not get lice, chickenpox, measles at school? These cases occurred, the teacher contacted the parents and they took care of their children ”, commented.

Going back to school involves a heavy expense: Parents

Veracruz, Ver.- Parents responded to the announcement of the upcoming return to face-to-face classes, indicating that This measure would imply a strong expense for the purchase of shoes, backpacks and other items already in the final stretch of the 2020-2021 school year.

Lucero Hernandez Polo, mother of two minors who are in the second and third grade of primary school, mentioned that With the possible return to face-to-face classes, you will have to make an expense that was not contemplated because both uniforms and shoes they stopped keeping their little ones.

“In my opinion it is a very hasty decision, in my case and I do not think I am the only one, the uniforms or shoes fit my children, I would have to buy, then they go on vacation and mid-cycle they will stop staying and it will be a new investment , backpacks, everything I consider that we must conclude the school year online ”, he said.

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Rubicela Ruiz, who in addition to being a mother of the family is also a nurse, considered that it would be better to advance in the vaccination process so that it is a safe return to school.

“There is no point in returning in this cycle that is almost over, apart from the fact that they no longer have uniforms, most of the population is not vaccinated and that is the most important thing, not only teachers should be protected, but also teachers parents, I believe that in August we would be making further progress in vaccination ”.

Alejandra Rivera de Petrilli, mother of a student enrolled in third grade, considered that schools are areas where infections can be triggered and that would put parents under 50 who have not yet been vaccinated at risk.

“In my point of view, schools are where there are more infections and if a plague of lice and flu can not be controlled except for this, sending our children to school and wanting them to be fully responsible for not getting infected, I am makes it absurd it would be a total irresponsibility as a parent, they can become infected and be carriers or even worse suffer the disease totally ”.

Jorge Jonathan Acosta Jácome parent of a primary-level minor who got Covid-19 at work and suffered the effects of the disease, he said that with the return to class the minors are exposed to being infected and suffering from the disease that is very painful and leaves side effects.

“It is a risk, it is understood the importance of resuming face-to-face classes is a necessity for our children, but it is a risk to the health of our children and ourselves; I was a victim of the disease and I did not want my son to get sick ”.

Teachers reject return to classrooms

Teachers and school administrators also rejected the return to face-to-face classes by pointing out the shortages in the schools derived from the thefts., others are sick and although they were vaccinated they are still exposed to the disease.

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Nobody Iveth Correa Luna, psychologist of Usaer in Coatzacoalcos, said that not all schools are suitable to receive students because in the pandemic season they suffered robberies and in some there is no water.

“They are unconscious, it is not the fact that the parents go out with their children, it is not the same that a few live together, to put the children in a group with reduced spaces where 20, 40, 60 students are placed; Schools usually do not have the basic resources such as water, electricity to minimally turn on a fan because with this heat the mask cannot be supported“, He said.

Gisela Galindo Gamboa, primary school teacher in the municipality of Loneliness of Doblado, He opined that although it is necessary for children to return to classrooms, the conditions of each institution must first be evaluated.

Maria Fernanda Sánchez Franco teacher in the Vera-Cruz Study Center, in the port of Veracruz, said that it would be better to wait for teachers and students to be vaccinated to avoid risks.

“From the outset, not all teachers have a complete vaccination, some of us got Pfizer and at the end of May they will put the second dose, and immunity is generated 15 days after the dose (…) Is it worth risking the progress in stoplight green for a month of face-to-face classes? Wouldn’t it be better to hold on and return with more measures and more vaccinated population for the month of August?

Angelli Mendoza Díaz, director of the María Montessori Children’s Garden, located in the municipality of Paso del Macho, argued that, Although the school lag is worrying, the authorities are obliged to provide security.

“As a teacher I am not opposed to going back to face-to-face classes as it is good for the psycho-emotional development of children, but I also demand a safe return to school, and at preschool age children are difficult to control and a contagion would unleash a focus of risk for parents and teachers ”, he warned.

With information from Ingrid Ruiz | Xalapa Journal