Controversy for a special visa for Venezuelans implemented by Chile

Controversy for a special visa for Venezuelans implemented by Chile

Dozens of Venezuelans gathered at the consulate in Chile in Caracas hoping to process the “Democratic Responsibility Visa” approved by the government of Sebastián Piñera and that came into force this Monday.
The measure seeks to order the growing migration of Venezuelans Chile through a temporary residence permit for one year, which must be processed on Venezuelan soil.
For citizens consulted by the Voice of America In Caracas this visa is a new obstacle that they face to escape the crisis in their country.
“I see it as a restriction for the people who are doing this now, maybe it’s a long-term support, but right now the people who have the passage do not respond,” said Belkis Fernandez.
Before the reform, Chilean legislation allowed those who entered the country as tourists to apply for temporary or permanent residence from Chile.
Francis Rondón sold everything in Venezuela to leave on May 11. Today its process is uncertain.
“We have the tickets for May 11 and now with this new resolution we are tied, (…) we had everything ready, that we are going to do as a tourist (…) we were waiting for the moment to leave with a new hope, we are in the air, we need help, “said Rondón.
Yaremy Rojas, desperate says he needs to travel to Chile for an indefinite time to attend to his daughter diagnosed with cancer.
“My daughter has cancer and is very ill and they called me and told me that I had to go fast (…) I have to take care of her, but they tell me that I have to go as a tourist and that after 90 days I have to return, it is not 90 days and yes it is 4 months. I do not know what I’m going to do, “said Roja, whose daughter fled Venezuela in October forced by a shortage of medication.
According to official figures from the Chilean government, in 2017 alone 164,866 thousand people of Venezuelan nationality were admitted compared to 86,581 in 2016.
Last February the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, acknowledged that there is a forced migration, but alleges that it is the product of the supposed “economic war”.

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