Controversy over rapper Médine's programming at Bataclan

Controversy over rapper Médine's programming at Bataclan

Does rapper Medina have his place in Bataclan? Since Saturday, the controversy swells on social networks. “Profanation”, “insult to the memory of the victims”, “incitement to Islamic fundamentalism”: the indignant reactions are multiplying right and far right. A petition online, launched by a FN executive, calls for the boycott of the rapper and the cancellation of two concerts in Medina scheduled for 19 and 20 October in the hall where 90 people were killed on November 13, 2015 by a jihadist commando . “Let’s crucify laïcards as in Golgotha” At issue: the lyrics of the song “Do not Laïk”, released in 2015, a week before the killing of Charlie Hebdo. “Crucify the laïcards as in Golgotha ​​/ The polygamous is better than the friend Strauss-Kahn (…) / I put fatwas on the heads of the cons / I’m good enough for Allah, no need to me laïcise “, sings in particular Medina. The rapper’s critics accuse him of being an “Islamist”, recalling that one of his albums, released in 2005, is called “Jihad, the biggest fight is against oneself”. On the cover, the letter “J” is formed by a sword. Charges that the 35-year-old rapper from Le Havre has repeatedly refuted. Marine Le Pen, the president of the National Rally (RN) said Sunday that “no French can accept that this guy will dump his trash on the site of the carnage of Bataclan. “The families of the victims are not respected …”, added the mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard. Several elected LR, including MPs Eric Ciotti and Valerie Boyer, have also publicly condemned the rapper, as well as party chairman Laurent Wauquiez: “In Bataclan, Islamist barbarity has claimed the lives of 90 of our compatriots. Less than three years later, there will be an individual who has sung “crucify laïcards” and presents himself as an “islamo-caillera”. Sacrilege for the victims, dishonor to France “. the #Bataclan Islamist barbarism claimed the lives of 90 of our compatriots. Less than three years later, there will be an individual who has sung “crucify laïcards” and presents himself as an “islamo-caillera”. Sacrilege for the victims, dishonor to France. – Laurent Wauquiez (@laurentwauquiez) June 10, 2018 Bruno Retailleau, Senator LR, even calls Gérard Collomb. He asks him to use “against this rapper the same weapons as those used against Dieudonné”. “I denounce all forms of violence” In the past, Medina has repeatedly expressed its songs with intentionally shocking and provocative lyrics. “As an artist, I denounce all forms of violence, terrorism and other immoral apologies. “Do not Laïk” is to secular fundamentalism what cartoons of Charlie Hebdo are religious fundamentalisms, “he defended himself in a tribune published in L’Obs in January 2015. “We have to judge it as a piece of rap and not as an Islamist pamphlet,” he added. on LCI. It is not a criticism of secularism, but rather of what is being done about it, and of what is becoming more and more anti-religious propaganda “. “The feeling of having gone too far” In 2017, during an intervention in the Ecole normale supérieure (ENS), however, he had formulated a form of mea culpa, according to statements made by The Inrocks “Provocation is only useful when it provokes debate, not when it triggers an iron curtain. With Do not laïk, it was inaudible, and the clip accentuated the controversy. I had the feeling of having gone too far. ” Defenders of Medina emphasize that his texts attack Islamist proselytism. “” I think you caught both Nike Air in the prayer mat / Come on recruiting in my neighborhood is not your nursery / You’ve never set foot in a class and you want to follow the four schools, “he recalls in the piece #Faigafatwa, released in 2015. The rapper #Medine always used the words to provoke and open dialogue even on taboo topics null Today @Medinrecords has succeeded perfectly with the hysteria of those who tweet #pasdemedineaubataclan without having listened to only 1 interview nor included 1 single song null – Jean-Marc Alric (@ jmAlric11) June 9, 2018 As for the choice of the title “Jihad” for one of his albums, he had explained Click TV in 2017. “I titled my album Jihad, first with a subtitle ‘The biggest fight is against oneself’, and then it was in 2005, in another context […] My message to that time was addressed to those who would be tempted to go fight and those who have a definition of this term completely overused. A song called “Bataclan” In his last album, released in March, Medina dedicate a song to the Bataclan. He evokes memories of his youth and expresses his dream of playing one day in the mythical Parisian hall. “All I wanted to do was the Bataclan,” he scoffs. But it does not directly evoke the attacks or the fate of the victims of 13 November. “Medina is a major player in hip-hop culture. To make the Bataclan is trivialize this room and make it live otherwise it will disappear, “Yassine Belattar reacted Friday. Contacted, the officials of Bataclan and Medina did not give away our requests.

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