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[스포츠서울 이용수기자] England Championship (second part) Preston North End defender Darnell Fisher is accused of sexual harassment.

According to the British’The Sun’ on the 21st (local time), the appearance of Darnell touching the penis of the opponent’s striker Colum Patterson in the match against Sheffield Wednesday was captured on the broadcast screen. Accordingly, the British Football Association (FA) launched an investigation.

Looking at the captured video, in the situation of a set piece, Darnell touched his important part as Colum, who was marking, protested while looking at the referee and walked. The harassment took place in an instant without Colum’s ability to respond. However, Darnell’s actions were captured on the broadcast screen.

Capture | Relay screen

“Darnell is a good player with the ball,” said Tom Barquisen, the winner of the 1-0 victory at Preston North End on the same day, about his teammate’s fault after the match.

After the game, Sheffield Wednesday coach Tony Pullis said, “I haven’t seen the scene (sexual harassment during the game), but it is clear. Everyone saw it through social network service (SNS). It will be controversial.” Fans were angry at Darnell’s actions as the scene spread rapidly through SNS in real time during the match.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the year, England rugby star Joe Mahler was punished with a 10-week ban for touching Arun Wynn’s penis.
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