Conurbano cemetery employees dance like viral Ghanaians and controversy erupts

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Employees of the Lomas de Zamora cemetery, in the south of the Buenos Aires suburbs, were filmed in a parody of the dance of the coffins that in recent weeks has gone viral on the internet and that is promoted by a group of citizens of the African republic of Ghana.

The images of the Lomenses dancing with the coffins on their shoulders went viral quickly and in some cases aroused the anger of some, although others celebrated the occurrence.

In the recording taken in the municipal cemetery of Lomas de Zamora, employees are seen dancing and smiling as they carry the coffins and at that point it was noted that they would have been empty.

“Otherwise they could not have been manipulated so easily, we all know what a dead body weighs,” said a person familiar with the funeral issue.

The Ghanaian dance is ritual widespread in some regions of Africa.

When the images of the Lomense cemetery were known, some neighbors reacted on social networks.

“It is disrespectful,” they shot.

Others took the subject jokingly while noting that the drawers were empty and it was only a joke made in the context of difficult work in times of pandemic.

“It is a shame, loved ones rest there,” commented a neighbor on social networks, while another went to the intersection: “Leave the kids alone who are banking on a job that nobody wants to do. Do you never make jokes in their works?”.



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