Converting BeAT to Electricity on BRT, 2 Hours Done, Ready for this Budget


This Is The Secret To The Electric Honda Beat Made By BRT Can Be Converted In Less Than 2 Hours! – The electric Honda BeAT converted by Bintang Racing Team (BRT) went viral.

The electric Honda BeAT by BRT is a prototype model with various electric motor spare parts designed and designed over the past year.

Tomy Huang, the owner of BRT, said that the electric Honda Beat is the first prototype whose conversion method is very practical because it just needs to be plug and play.

“This prototype uses the first generation Honda BeAT FI. The conversion doesn’t need any parts to be cut and welded, so it’s still neat and simple,” said Tomy when met (11/11/2022).

At first glance, the electric Honda BeAT by BRT still looks the same when viewed from the body to the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which is still installed.

“This is because we only adjusted the BRT electric motor kit for this motorbike. If you look at it from the side of the motorbike, we don’t use the engine and exhaust and replace it with a motor or dynamo with a capacity of 2 kW, then the default swing arm is still used,” said Tomy.

The electric Honda Beat converted by the Bintang Racing Team (BRT).


The electric Honda Beat converted by the Bintang Racing Team (BRT).

Therefore, the electric Honda BeAT as a result of the BRT conversion still uses a CVT because it does not use a free hub.

This is to reduce the cost of converting electric motorbikes to make them more affordable, because of that BRT only made a few modifications to the electric Honda BeAT CVT.

“CVT is also still used, it’s just that there are a few adjustments. So this motorbike still needs axle oil to lubricate the gearbox,” explained Tomy.