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Cook rice properly – how it works | – Guide

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Rice is part of every diet because it contains many vitamins and minerals. The offer in the supermarket and at the discount store is large: there are, among others, round grain, medium grain and long grain rice. Each variety is suitable for other types of preparation and dishes. Where are the differences? And how does the perfect rice succeed?

Recognize good rice

Good rice smells like fresh grain, says NDR TV chef Tarik Rose. If it smells sour or musty, it is probably a bad quality.

Prepare rice properly

Rice is prepared in salted water. The most common methods are:

  • Cook: The rice is cooked like pasta in plenty of salted water and then poured. When pouring, however, many healthy ingredients are lost.
  • swell: The rice is boiled with a maximum of twice the amount of salt water and then turns the stove to the lowest level. The rice absorbs the water slowly and swells up. This is how most ingredients are preserved.

Different varieties of rice

When cooking long grain rice, the different cooking times must be taken into account. And every long grain rice is suitable for other dishes:

  • brown rice takes about 30 minutes to cook. It remains grainy and tastes nutty.
  • Parboiled rice you cook around 20 minutes. It is very loose and grainy, because when cooking, no strength escapes. "Parboiled" stands for "partially boiled", in English "partially cooked". A technical processing process ensures that the rice does not have to cook so long. The nutrients are preserved.
  • White rice has the shortest cooking time with about ten minutes. It does not get so sticky if you wash it before cooking. White rice absorbs sauce best. The white rice also includes Thai and basmati rice, which have an intense aroma and aromatic taste.
  • wild rice: This is not rice, but a North American sweetgrass that grows near rivers and lakes. Meanwhile, a large part of the wild rice comes from conventional farms. Wild rice has a higher protein content than conventional rice. Because it is expensive, it is often sold in mixtures, for example with basmati rice.

Risk of arsenic in rice?

Some viewers have advised the market's editors that rice may contain arsenic. However, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment considers an acute health hazard to be unlikely. The effects known in connection with a long-term intake of inorganic arsenic such as skin damage, vascular damage and damage to the nervous system are unlikely by the consumption of rice, it is said in one Information Sheet.

The recipes from the program

Creamy Risotto is one of the classics of Italian cuisine. In this variant it is combined with fried mushrooms and fresh cocktail tomatoes.

Healthy food can succeed so easily and quickly. Cook different vegetables in a mixture of broth and coconut milk. Serve with freshly cooked wild rice.

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