Cooking in front of Andreas Caminada: Head Counselor at “Masterchef Switzerland”

Last summer, the CH Media broadcaster 3+ announced that it had secured the license for the British cooking show “Master Chef”. The concept of the show: amateur chefs have their creations, which they prepare in the respective challenges, evaluated by star chefs. Anyone who convinces the jury advances to the next round and thus also has the chance to win the prize money at the end.

The broadcast format was originally developed for the BBC. According to the online portal, “Master Chef” has now been adapted in over 60 countries – and the show will also premiere in Switzerland on February 14. It will be moderated by Nick Hartmann, the jury will include top chef Andreas Caminada from Graubünden, star chef Nenad Mlinarevic from Zurich and food blogger Zoe Torinesi from Solothurn.

Mexican cuisine from Oberriet

On Monday, 3+ announced that three women from Eastern Switzerland would be among the 20 participants, including Maria Fernanda Binotto from Oberriet. The mother of two and native Mexican has been cooking with her husband in the food truck at festivals for two years. The 43-year-old also runs cookery courses and offers a catering service. She learned to cook after moving to Switzerland. Maria Fernanda Binotto is particularly fond of Mexican cuisine, which is why her greatest dream is to open a Mexican gourmet restaurant.

«I’ve known the Spanish and Mexican Masterchef format for a long time and I love this show. That’s why I signed up as soon as I got the chance here in Switzerland,” says Binotto. Despite the camera team and top chef rating, she was hardly nervous at the stove: “Of course, the pressure is great in every challenge, but since I cook with my husband in front of an audience in the food truck, I was able to handle it well. Sometimes I even forgot I had a microphone on.” Incidentally, the chief counselor was able to bring in Mexican cuisine again and again in the show. “But I also broke out of my comfort zone and showed that I can do a lot more.” How her cooking skills were received by the jury will be seen from mid-February. Then Maria Fernanda Binotto sits with her family in front of the television and reviews the memories from the show.

“Masterchef Switzerland” starts on Monday, February 14, at 8:15 p.m. on 3+.