Cool peak. Endlessly Bad Start – Liverpool FC

With four defeats at the start of the season, Liverpool have repeated their result of twelve years ago, when Roy Hodgson was at the helm of the team.

On Saturday night, the Reds were defeated by Leeds, who had not won in eight matches before. At the same time, the Merseysiders delivered twenty-two shots on goal, ten of which were on target, which, of course, is commendable, but a positive result would be more to their liking.

This defeat was the second for the team of Jurgen Klopp in a row. Last week, Liverpool lost to Nottingham, and lost the “Reds” to the “Foresters” also by one ball.

Right now, the Merseysiders are in ninth place in the standings, with 16 points in their assets. Liverpool are eight points short of the top four, and the Reds are only five away from the relegation zone.

Of course, it is impossible to call such a start of the season successful, and statistically there is the best confirmation of this. Twelve years ago, in the 2010/11 season, when Roy Hodgson sat on the coaching bridge of the Reds, Liverpool also scored 16 points in their first twelve league matches, also won four matches, drew four and lost four.

Yes, that’s right: exactly the same as Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, who fought for the quadruple last season. Hodgson was eventually sacked after twenty Premier League appearances, with the Reds winning only seven games under the English specialist.

And although comparing that Liverpool with this is still blasphemy, it is simply impossible not to take into account the appalling state of affairs of the Merseysiders in the domestic championship.

In addition to Klopp’s Liverpool almost repeating Liverpool Hodgson’s results, the German-led Reds have lost more matches to teams from the relegation zone than to teams from the top 4. Naturally, for all the time Jurgen Klopp has been at Liverpool, which is just over seven years.

Right now it’s hard to say how Klopp, who, apparently, is in an unenviable position himself, will get out of this situation. According to him, it is almost impossible to explain the team’s game in the moment with the second goal conceded from Leeds.

“The biggest problem in this game is how we defended in the moment with the second conceded. It was a cross between “oh, the ball is here” and “oh, the ball is not here.” After all, as long as you don’t have ball, everyone has to defend, and we didn’t. Maybe there is an explanation for this, which I don’t know yet, and that’s my problem,” the Reds boss said after the game.

Let’s hope there is an explanation. And the sooner the better. There are four matches left before the break for the World Cup. Napoli, Tottenham, Derby (in the League Cup) and Southampton.

At the best of times, every fan would expect nine points scored (three in the Champions League and six in the Premier League) and a passage to the next round of the English League Cup, but now I want to believe that a series of four victories in a row is not something beyond reality.

And it’s quite a tangible thing, natural, which can be obtained even with moral and strong-willed. After that, with a somewhat calm soul, go on vacation and immediately after get together at a training camp in Dubai to put the bodies and minds of the players in order.

After all, the season is not over yet, despite a really bad start.