Cooler than Renault Logan – cheaper than Lada Granta: Hyundai launched the new Aura 2022 for 600 thousand rubles

Those who managed to get acquainted with the South Korean model Hyundai Aura 2022 note that there are simply no minuses in it. In terms of its characteristics, the novelty surpasses the “indestructible” Renault Logan, but at the same time it is even cheaper than Lada Granta. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer seeks to adapt the entire model range to each market individually, for example, in India there is a special demand for cheap vehicles, where the new Aura is sold.

For this new product on our Youtube channel There is already a corresponding video. Note that the price of a fresh “state employee” in the basic configuration is only 600 thousand rubles. True, rich equipment for such a cost should not be expected, but, in turn, the buyer will be able to please the elegant appearance of the Hyundai Aura 2022.

Also, do not count on the presence of powerful power plants hidden in the engine compartment. When creating a car, the manufacturer focused as much as possible on its accessibility, which is why the vehicles use engines of only a minimum volume. In turn, Indian buyers are not repulsed by this. On the contrary, the car is in unprecedented demand. Those who have already managed to acquire a car note its reliability, comparable, and in some moments even superior to Renault Logan.

According to the owners, the South Korean sedan is suitable not only for urban use. Due to the successful design, the machine turned out to be truly universal. It is noteworthy that the new Aura can even be used as a family car, but its main feature turned out to be unsurpassed safety, which is not typical for models of this segment. According to the opinion of the owners, as well as crash tests, the Korean sedan perfectly protects not only the driver, but also all passengers in the cabin during an accident.

Also, among the advantages of the novelty, one can single out its excellent handling, as well as economical engines, the consumption of which practically does not depend on operating conditions and driving style. If we talk about the interior of the Korean novelty, then it is completely executed in the style of more expensive Hyundai models.

As for the negative comments from the owners, they mainly relate to the low level of equipment of the Hyundai Aura, for example, the lack of a high-quality stereo system and regular cruise control. In turn, you need to understand that such options in the current realities are found in models of a more expensive segment.