Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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“Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”: protests against the racist pub of H & M

The famous clothing company has withdrawn its advertising, but demonstrations took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, to denounce this racist drift.

South African police intervened Saturday in Johannesburg to disperse protesters who denounced an advertisement deemed “racist”, now withdrawn , the H & M clothing brand. Several dozen activists of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF, radical left) marched in the morning in front of the brand’s stores in several shopping centers of the agglomeration. “In the East Rand mall, protesters managed to get into a store and stole items. (The police) had to intervene and disperse the protesters by firing rubber bullets,” the police tweeted. The latest H & M promotional campaign featured a photo showing a black child wearing a sweatshirt covered with the inscription “Coolest monkey in the jungle” (“The coolest monkey in the jungle”). “Assume the consequences of his racism” The group announced Monday the withdrawal of this photo, which caused an uproar on social networks, and apologized. One of the EFF leaders, Floyd Shivambu, justified the protest actions of his troops. “This inept H & M clothing store must accept the consequences of its racism,” he ruled on Twitter. “All supposed people will agree that this sign will no longer be allowed in South Africa, and congratulations to EFF activists who physically faced racism,” he added. This is not the first time that a big brand has been questioned in this way. Last October, the cosmetics brand Dove was also accused of racism for an advertisement showing a black woman removing a T-shirt to reveal a white and red woman, who herself removed her T-shirt to reveal a third brunette woman with a matte complexion.

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