CopperKnob – Hotel California (fr) – Brigitte Vast (FR)

CopperKnob – Hôtel California (fr) – Brigitte Vast (FR) – 13 December 2021


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Section 1 : Pdt : rock step, back step side rock, recover ; Pgche : rockstep, back step, side rock, recover
1&2&3&4 rock step Pdt, back step Pdt, side rock Pdt ; stomp Pdt près de Pgche.
5&6&7&8rock step Pgche, back step Pgche, side rock Pgche ; stomp Pgche près de Pdt.

Section 2: Pdt: big step to the right, flirt and chachacha to the right; Pgche: ld step to left, flirt and chachacha to left
1,2 3&4 Big step Pdt right, dredge Pgche, triple step Pdt right
5,6,7&8 Big step Leg to left, drag pdt, triple step Leg to left

Section 3: Triple front Pdt; triple forward Pgche, step Pdt; ½ turn left; walk, walk.
1&2,3&4 Triple front Pdt; triple forward pgche
5,6,7,8 step Pdt; ½ turn left; walk Pdt; fishing market

Section 4: Scissor cross right, scissor cross left; rolling vine right.
1&2,3&4 Pdt to righ, bring back Pgche, cross pdt in front of Pgche; Pgche to left, bring back Pdt, cross Pgche in front of Pdt
5,6,7,8 Pdt on the right with ¼ tr on the right; 1/4 turn right; ½ turn right; Stomp Pgche