Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Coralie Porrovecchio: a message for Raphael? His tweet reacts!

Coralie and Raphael have broken up for many months now. But while Raphael is currently in The Villa of Broken Hearts 3 on NT11 to overcome his heart problems, Coralie sent him a small tackle on Twitter that has made a lot of reaction!
Coralie and Raphael form the couple that marked the Angels 8 almost two years ago. Very in love, they ended up separating following rumors of infidelity of Raphael who would have had an adventure with his ex Barbara Moon while he was still with Coralie. After discovering the deception, Coralie decided to cut off the bridges with Raphael before flying to Greece for the filming of the Holidays of the Angels 2. For his part, Raphael decided to solve his problems of heart by participating in the third season of The Villa of Broken Hearts. Since the beginning of the broadcast, it is a Raphael very withdrawn and visibly hurt that appears to the eyes of the televiewers. After long days without coaching Lucie Love Coach, Raphael finally decided to confide. He confessed that he was no longer trusting the women and that his last relationship (the one with Coralie) although very fusional, had reinforced this lack of confidence because his ex hurt him as much as he hurt her. . Quite surprising when we know who is the cause of their breakup. Shortly after these confessions, the young man was involved in a heated argument with Yamina, who was eventually eliminated after a slap. While this act has divided the internet users, some think that Raphael pushed the young woman who would not have on the spot, not know how to react otherwise. Coralie also spoke on Twitter and seems to have also chosen her side. The young woman has indeed tweeted: “Sometimes the only way to be brave is to pretend to be!” Very ambiguous, his tweet seems to address well Raphael who for her lacked courage by not confessing the true cause of his break and not taking his share of responsibility in the elimination of Yamina. Finally, that’s what we think!
Sometimes the only way to be brave is to pretend to be .. ?? – Coralie Porrovecchio (@iamkoraly) January 12, 2018

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