Governor Juan Schiaretti announced on Wednesday the purchase of the first 20 thousand notebooks with Internet access through a 4G wireless modem, within the framework of the “Provincial Program for the delivery of computers to state schools in vulnerable contexts”, which will benefit more than 42 thousand students.

The initiative contemplates the granting of equipment to state-run educational institutions that are located in vulnerable contexts, in sufficient number according to the amount of student population belonging to households in vulnerable situations. Depending on the socio-economic profile, the school will assign the computer equipment to the students who need it most.

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“You have always heard me say that the synonym for social justice in the 21st century is education, because it is the century of knowledge. In order to progress, the peoples that have access to knowledge must acquire it through education, which must reach the entire population ”, stated Schiaretti during the presentation held at the Civic Center, with the presence of the Minister of Education, Walter Grahovac, and her Coordination pair, Silvina Rivero.

The provincial president highlighted the effort made by teachers, families, and officials of the Ministry of Education, so that children can continue studying despite not having face-to-face classes. “We all know that this pandemic altered the way of producing, working and also how schools work, the way children can learn,” he added.

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In this regard, the Governor referred to the impossibility of foreseeing a certain date for the beginning of face-to-face classes, and stated that “along the way, the most vulnerable children and young people are left with less chance of learning what is taught through the technology”.

“Wherever there is an imbalance,” he continued, “the State has to be with its solidarity hand, to help that imbalance disappear, hence the decision to buy 50 thousand notebooks for schools in unfavorable areas.”

In this sense, Schiaretti stated: “If it is necessary to buy more, we will buy, because we do not want any child or adolescent in Córdoba to be left without studying.”

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In this first instance, educational institutions in the four cities that have the largest number of homes in vulnerable contexts (8,565) will be equipped: 118 secondary schools in Córdoba; 12 from Río Cuarto; 5 educational institutions in Villa María and 6 in San Francisco.

In this regard, Minister Grahovac explained that the computers will be destined, first of all, to secondary schools, and also to primary school students, starting with those who are in their last year of study.

“In the case of primary schools, we will continue with the Pedagogical Strengthening of Schools in the Context of Vulnerability program that we implemented in 2000, in Capital and the interior. They are the ones that we are going to prioritize together with the secondary schools of the four cities. And then we will go to schools in other areas, “said the minister.

According to statistical data collected by the Province, throughout the Cordoba territory there are 25,227 households in a situation of vulnerability with at least one member studying secondary education in the compulsory formal education system, which, in total, is about 42,662 students.

Electronic auction

The reverse electronic auction has already been published on the Public Procurement Portal and will remain for 5 days, so that interested companies can make their bids for notebooks with Intel (No Atom) or AMD, 4-core and 4-thread processor, with a minimum 8 Gb of DDR3L / LPDDR3 RAM, among other features.


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