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Corey Mock will find no other name than minority leader at the North Dakota House – Grand Forks Herald

"It has been an honor to serve in the leadership of the Caucus for the past six years," Mock said in a statement. "But my passion is building relationships between both parties and developing a strategic plan for the state of North Dakota. I am better placed as a ranking member of our entire legislature team and not as a leader of the minority party. "

As a ranking member of the legislature team, Mock said he could focus on forming the leadership of both parties. He said it was "crucial for political leaders to invest in our personal and professional development during and outside legislative sessions".

"Partisanism is disrupting families, communities and even our country," Mock said in the statement. "We urgently need to keep our 'red' and 'blue' jerseys for a while and start wearing the uniforms of our North Dakota team."

Boschee, who lost the position of undersecretary to incumbent Al Jaeger in the parliamentary elections, announced last month that he would support the minority leader of the House. No one else has announced that he wants the position on Saturday afternoon.

"Rep. Boschee is a passionate civil servant with four years of experience as a Democratic Caucus Chairman. He is well positioned to take charge of the floor leader from next week, "Mock said in the statement. "I can not imagine a more appropriate legislature to serve as the leader of the Democratic Party at this time than Josh."

Mock, who has been in the house since 2009, told the Herald he wanted to run for office in 2020, but "has not made any hard decisions in one way or another."

Boschee did not return a message left by the Herald until the press conference.

The Republicans sat in mid-November as Republican Chet Pollert of Valley City as their majority leader in the house. He succeeds Al Carlson, a Republican of Fargo, who held the position for ten years before losing his reelection in the midterm elections last month.

In the Senate, Republican Senator Rich Wardner of Dickinson is the majority leader. Senate Minority Leader Joan Heckaman of New Rockford plans to re-run for Democratic leadership, and no one announced on Saturday that they would try to depose her.

Democrats will vote for their House and Senate leadership in Bismarck on Sunday, one day ahead of the North Dakota Legislative Assembly.


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