Corks in Rennes. Access to the ring road will be regulated by traffic lights at hours of

Traffic lights on certain access ramps to the ring road during rush hour, additional lanes on the busiest sections … Several measures were announced on November 23, 2021 to reduce congestion on the Rennes ring road (Ille-et-Vilaine) and its nine access roads.

Since the start of the school year, the Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) bypass has returned to its pre-Covid attendance level. But its near saturation, like the nine roads that lead there, every morning and evening at rush hour, is not new. A traffic management plan has just been unveiled on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, by the Rennes metropolitan area, the Departmental Council and the Regional Council (which manage these different traffic lanes) as well as by the Interdepartmental Directorate of Western Roads , the Diro.

1- Creation of reserved lanes for public transport (and carpooling)

Work is underway on the national 137 (Nantes – Rennes) for the last kilometers. After a winter break, they will resume in the spring for commissioning before summer 2022: at peak times, metropolitan buses and Breizh Go coaches from the Region will be able to use the secure emergency lane. and enlarged, to make journey times more reliable. The speed will be limited to 70 km / h. “The objective is to save 5 minutes over these 4 km to the Porte d’Alma”, specifies Frédéric Lechelon, director of Diro.

Carpooling will then be authorized there for an experiment, from the end of 2023. An experiment “Unique in France” which will also be deployed from 2025 on three other access routes to the ring road: the RD 175 (Betton), RD 137 (Saint-Malo) and RN 24 (Vannes). A similar device on the A84 could also be considered.

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The traffic management plan on the Rennes ring road and its access roads. © Ouest-France infographic

2- Traffic lights to regulate access to the ring road

When the latter is found “At the limit of saturation, at peak hours”, an algorithm will limit access to it, allowing “Dropper vehicles”, through traffic lights. Enough to streamline traffic to delay, or even avoid, the creation of a traffic jam. These lights will be installed between 2022 and 2024, on several access ramps to the bypass: Porte de Lorient, Cleunay, Saint-Nazaire, Bréquigny, Angers, des Loges, ZI Sud Est and Beaulieu. A system “Which has already proven itself in Nantes”, reports Frédéric Lechelon.

3- Creation of “intersection routes”

Regulation by means of traffic lights will be combined, between the gates of Villejean and Beauregard, and between those of Bréquigny and Nantes, with the creation of intersection lanes. Concretely : “We are making a third lane which occasionally improves traffic flow” on portions subject to caps. Here too, the people of Nantes already have them on the Cheviré bridge. Commissioned in 2023.

These lanes, located on the outside, are not intended to be open continuously: “It is important to fight against congestion without creating a draft, insists Frédéric Lechelon. If we allow more vehicles to arrive, they will be stranded a little further. It doesn’t solve anything. “

4- Door fitting and fire coordination

The gates of Villejean, Cleunay and des Loges will be redeveloped in order to facilitate the movement of vehicles, public transport and improve safety. On the road to Lorient, a black spot in terms of traffic jams, crossing the business area will be made easier towards the city center by a series of modernized traffic lights, from 2022. “If we don’t drive too fast from one traffic light to another, everyone will be green”, assures the director of Diro.

photo of works on the rn137 with a view to a lane reserved for buses and carpooling.  © vincent michel / west-france

Works on the RN137 with a view to a lane reserved for buses and carpooling. © Vincent Michel / Ouest-France

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5- User information and awareness

The final part of this plan is better information for users, who will find real-time transport data on display panels. A smartphone app will be created.

Most “Transport is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases in Brittany, recalls Michaël Quernez, vice-president climate and mobility at the Region. However, we owe it a lot toself-solism (being alone in the car). The shift towards carpooling and public transport is a necessity ”. At the same time as this plan, the Rennes metropolitan area is working on the deployment of these (metro line B in early 2022, tram-bus line project, etc.) so that “Our public transport is competitive with the private car”, concludes Matthieu Theurier, vice-president in charge of transport. And help here too, to decongest the bypass and its access roads.

The reindeer ring road is:

  • 31 km of roads
  • 17 doors
  • up to 110,000 vehicles per day on certain sections

Out of 100 vehicles on the ring road during rush hour, there are 102 passengers