Cornellà-El Prat is reluctant to leave the club for the undefeated fields (1-0)


"This is Cornellà", he could look in the locker rooms of an Englishman who yesterday smile again next to his, in the fifth win followed home. This time, against an Athletic (1-0), in a win that allows Rubi to take advantage of the favorable day and return to second.

During practically all the first half, Athletic managed to take the game to their field. Only the blue and semi-drawn grades allowed us to remember that the game was played in Cornellà-El Prat and not in San Mamés, where the duel seemed to have transformed. Under a rising rain, the ball moved more for the air than for the lawn. In the middle of the field, more fighting that touches, constant interruptions and rather short possessions. Athletic began imposing their physical style to steal in rival field and to generate seconds played from the long pilotades. Berizzo raised a physical trival (Mikel Rico, San José and Dani García) who drowned the midfield of Espanyol with pressure on the man. The midfield of Espanyol, with a more technical profile, was disconnected, and without balloon circulation, the team noticed it. The game demanded an imbalance, but the visitors' struggle denied the possibility of playing comfortably. The occasions were made wait.

Meanwhile, Espanyol knew how to be patient, defending as usual, with more anticipation than correction. In this is an expert Mario Hermoso, who returned to doctorate, this time with two bones hard to blow up like Aduriz and Raúl García. The Madrid returned to exhibit. This time, in addition, under the watchful eye of the Spanish coach, Luis Enrique, who surely took a good note. The power station, however, was not the only one to demonstrate a high level. Another who once again demonstrated that he lives in a state of grace is Borja Iglesias. The Galician was once again a solution in a delicate moment. From centered by Dídac to the second post, he pulled out a powerful header that Herrerín could not save. In the first clear finish between the three poles, the panda scored ground, proving that there is no lion able to stop it. It was his sixth goal in the League, in the fourth consecutive game marking.

Athletic did not surrender. Williams responded quickly with an individual action where he got rid of three rivals to finish finishing to the post. Those of Berizzo, however, were basically that: a sum of individualities. El Espanyol, on the contrary. Together through the ball with Darder as a brain, they could sentence the match in the second half, where they had more control. Sergio García first and Darder and Borja, then, were about to solve the game. But, again, Espanyol forgave and ended up suffering from brave.

RCDE Stadium, the fort of the League

The blanc-i-blaus knew how to resist at a critical moment, adding the fifth win followed by Athletic with more thrust than clarity of ideas in attack. 15 of 15 at RCDE Stadium, which continues to be the only field that has only seen local wins in the League. And only one goal received. In Europe, white-and-blue matched the records of two Dutch (Feyenoord and Heracles) and a German (Borussia Mönchengladbach). With a win (six), there are three other teams: Manchester City, Lille and PSV, who have also won everything at home. One more, seven, in short, the PSG. Cornellà-El Prat, at the height of the great European beans.


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