Corona cases at 34 schools in the Bautzen district

The students of the newly renovated elementary school in Laubusch have not yet studied for four weeks in the new building, so many of them had to stay at home again. In the third and fourth grades, 14 boys and girls were found to have a corona infection, and there were two cases among staff. That is why the health department of the Bautzen district has quarantined all affected classes. The Bautzen District Office announced that it has now ended for one class. The other three classes have to stay at home until September 30th.

Primary school particularly affected

The elementary school in Laubusch is not the only school in the Bautzen district in which corona cases have been detected. According to the district, 34 schools are affected, almost half of them are primary schools. According to the State Office for Schools and Education in Bautzen, there are currently around 90 proven infections among schoolchildren in the district, and eleven classes are in quarantine. These numbers could change again quickly, according to a spokesman for the state office.

At the schools in the Görlitz district, the number of corona infections is not that high. Here the virus was detected in almost 60 boys and girls.


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