Corona figures continue to rise: on average more than 15,000…

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The number of infections with the corona virus in our country continues to increase sharply. Between November 13 and 19, an average of 15,448 people became infected with the virus every day, an increase of 54 percent in a week. This is apparent from the preliminary figures of health institute Sciensano on Tuesday.

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In total, more than 1.6 million people have been infected with COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. On Monday, November 15, more than 20,000 infections were registered (20,775). That is the second highest daily figure across all corona waves: only on October 27, 2020 there were more new cases (22,221).

In the week from November 13 to 19, more than 103,700 tests were taken daily, 30 percent more than the week before. East Flanders and Limburg recorded the largest increases with 75 and 72 percent more positive tests respectively than a week earlier. This is followed by Antwerp (+63 pc), West Flanders (+58 pc), Hainaut (+52 pc) and Flemish Brabant (+51 percent). In Namur, the number of infections rose by 38 percent, in Liège by 28 percent. The figures for Liège include those for the German-speaking Community (+14 pc).

The positivity ratio of the tests has risen to 15.4 percent. The reproduction number does drop slightly to 1.12, but is still above 1, meaning the epidemic is growing in strength.

Between November 16 and 22, 280 people were hospitalized daily, an increase of 19 percent. In total there are now 3,289 patients in hospital (+24 percent), of whom 654 require intensive care (+21 percent). 352 of them needed respiratory support and 45 others were on the heart-lung machine (ECMO).

One third (33 pc) of the 1,992 approved beds in intensive care units in Belgian hospitals are now occupied. In Namur (25 pc), Flemish Brabant (28 pc) and Antwerp (30 pc) this percentage is lower than a third, in East and West Flanders (both 34 pc) just above. In Limburg and Liège, the occupancy rate (both 39 pc) is much higher.

The number of deaths also continues to increase. Between November 13 and 19, an average of 34 people died every day from the effects of COVID-19, 20 percent more than a week earlier. In total, there are already almost 26,700 corona deaths in Belgium.

Between 15 and 21 November, almost 240,000 booster doses were administered in our country. This brings the total number of third injections to approximately 1,090,000. The injections were mainly given to people over 65.


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