Corona figures in the region: 265 new infections, nine fewer than last week

BILTHOVEN – In the province of Utrecht, 265 new infections with the corona virus were reported in the past week. This is evident from figures from the RIVM published today. Last week the number of new infections was 274. So there are 9 infections less than last week.

No patients have been hospitalized and no people died from the effects of the virus. The total number of confirmed infections in the province is 4437. A total of 888 fellow provincial residents were hospitalized. The number of people who died from the virus now stands at 430.

National figures

In the past week, 4013 people have been told that they have contracted the new corona virus. That is slightly less than the 4,036 cases confirmed in the week to last Tuesday. It is the first decrease since the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) released weekly figures.

Sixteen people have died from the corona virus in the past week. That was nine a week earlier, and six the week before. In addition, fifty people were hospitalized for an infection, compared to 38 in the previous week and 44 a week earlier. The number of admissions to intensive care also rose. In the past seven days, 25 people ended up in an IC unit, compared to 18 in the previous week.

In the city

Today, the RIVM also provided more insight at the city level. These figures are only measured differently, between Monday 10 and Monday 17 August, than the weekly figures as mentioned above. The number of infections in the city of Utrecht increased by 117 last week. Baarn is one of the municipalities where no new cases have been identified.

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In numbers, the most new cases were found in Amsterdam in the past week. The capital registered 734 new infections. In Rotterdam, 606 confirmed cases were added and 304 residents in The Hague were told that they had become infected. At the top of the Dutch rankings are also Breda, Schiedam, Bergen op Zoom, Gouda, Capelle aan den IJssel and Tilburg.

Just over 100,000 people have had themselves tested for the corona virus in the past week. That is about the same as in the weeks before. The percentage of positive tests is therefore highest in the regions of Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Amsterdam, Haaglanden, Central and West Brabant and South Holland-South.

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