The Ministry of Health announced the registration of 727 new cases that proved positive for its laboratory analyzes of the virus, as part of the Ministry’s surveillance and investigation procedures according to WHO guidelines, pointing to the death of 28 new cases.

The World Health Organization, issued a warning of large gatherings during the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, and the possibility of causing it to increase the number of people infected with the “emerging corona virus”.

Health: 727 new cases of “Corona” were recorded .. and 28 deaths

Moses, appealing to citizens: stick to the ban dates during the Eid al-Fitr week

Lifting the quarantine on the families of Sidi Habib Street in Minya

Corona Week in the Arab World: Absence of transparent tests … 35% increase in injuries, 19% deaths

The Egyptians face to face with “Corona” .. “Coexistence” is a bitter reality

Corona in the world: 5.25 million injuries and more than 338,000 deaths

“Trump” increases the risk of death among Covid 19 patients

“World Health” launches a warning before Eid Al Fitr

“Cakes, balloons and games” … Al-Ajami hospital staff introduce joy for Corona patients (photos)

For the first time since the epidemic, China has not reported any injuries or deaths in Corona

“Your father has a corona” .. Two brothers beat the owner of an office .. and his wife: “The house does not have a pound.”

Corona in the Arab world: 225,000 injuries … and no country has reported cases

A new study confirms the success of “Remedisfer” in speeding up the treatment of Corona patients

Songs and Gifts .. Al-Najila Hospital Celebrates Eid with Corona Injured (Photos)

The United States records more than 24,000 new infections with Corona

Iran: Opening of holy sites and the return of staff after Eid Al Fitr


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