Corona incidence falls below threshold in Frankfurt

Dhe August begins with two good news about corona infection in Hesse. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has fewer confirmed new infections than a week ago. In addition, the Hessian authorities have not reported any further deaths related to Covid-19. But: The incidence as a key indicator fell slightly overnight in Hesse and slipped below the threshold value of 35 in Frankfurt. However, there are still more positive PCR tests recorded within a week than four weeks and a month ago. To what extent the decrease in the number of cases reported is related to the holidays is open. Positive cases are automatically assigned to the home of the person concerned, but the question is: Who can be tested while on vacation?

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In addition, vaccination progress has been paralyzing for a few days in Hesse, which is already lagging behind the federal average. In view of this, the family day began at 10 a.m. in the Darmstadt vaccination center. Pediatricians also administer BioNTech’s approved vaccine for girls and boys from the age of twelve in the Darmstadtium Congress Center until 9 p.m. Children and young people must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. In addition, you must bring your vaccination certificate as well as your child ID card or identity card as well as your health insurance card. Those who have recovered from corona disease more than four weeks ago can also get vaccinated on these days, as the city of Darmstadt announces on its website. The Standing Vaccination Commission has so far recommended vaccinating people over the age of twelve.

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Elsewhere in Hesse, too, special campaigns are intended to arouse interest in vaccination. However, it remains to be seen how the “vaccination night” in Giessen went on Friday. An appointment is no longer necessary in the Frankfurt Festhalle, and the same applies to Marburg, for example. From Monday onwards, the residence principle in the 28 vaccination centers will no longer apply. Hessians can then get a preventive injection against Covid-19, wherever they like and wherever they can. In Wiesbaden, for example, unlike in front of the Frankfurt Festhalle, there were no queues of vaccinees to be seen recently.

Clinic boss against chargeable tests

Hessian health authorities reported 151 further positive PCR tests to the RKI after 187 a week ago and 64 a month ago. Officially, 294,919 people in Hesse have so far been infected with a variant of the corona virus. 2200 cases are not yet over, 100 more than the day before. 7587 people died of or with Covid-19, as the RKI reports on its website.

The incidence in Hesse has fallen from 18.9 to 18.6 and in Frankfurt from just under 36 to 33. The threshold value is 35. If a municipality is below this for five days in a row, there is no obligation to test indoor catering. All other rules can be found here.

In the dispute over chargeable corona rapid tests, the director of the Frankfurt University Clinic has meanwhile spoken out in favor of not asking unvaccinated people to pay up from the fall. “Making tests subject to a charge leads to the opposite of what we want,” said Professor Jürgen Graf, Medical Director of the Frankfurt University Hospital, the German Press Agency. The President of the German Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, and several politicians had called for this. The number of infections is usually very high, especially in population groups with low incomes. If these people had to pay for tests, less would be done in total.

Vaccinated well over half of the Hessians

In terms of vaccination rates, however, Hesse is consistently below the federal average. That didn’t change on Friday either. In terms of the proportion of those who have been vaccinated, the state is even losing ground again. Hessen has 50.6 percent, 0.9 points less than the average, while Rhineland-Palatinate has 52 percent. 3.894 million people in Hesse are vaccinated at least once, 3.18 million already have complete vaccination protection. According to the RKI, the numbers refer to the entire country’s population. Hessen has a total of around 6.3 million inhabitants.

The centrally located federal state is also below the nationwide quota for initial vaccinations: According to the latest data, 61.2 percent of people in Hesse have received a first vaccination against the coronavirus. Hessen is now 0.3 points below the national average. The front runner is Bremen with 70.4 percent of the first vaccinated – Rhineland-Palatinate comes with 62.9. The RKI does not yet have any newer figures.

Resident doctors and staff have so far administered a good 2.52 million vaccinations, as the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians announced. Since the beginning of April, the general practitioners’ practices in Hesse have also been vaccinated against Covid-19, a little later the specialist practices and, on June 7th, the company doctors were added.



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