Corona lockdown in Upper Austria: First events canceled – Upper Austria

Second corona lockdown in Upper Austria, the number of infections increases again. The first cultural institutions are already canceling events.

More than 100 new corona cases within one day – Upper Austria currently has more than 230 patients (as of Thursday, 8 a.m.). Result: a second lockdown.

The Upper Austria The state government has drawn the first conclusions on Wednesday and will close schools, kindergartens and crèches in five districts (Linz, Linz-Land, Wels, Wels-Land and Urfahr-Umgebung) for one week from Friday.

The new lockdown measures also cause irritation in the cultural scene. The last museums and exhibitions (such as Lentos and Nordico) started operating again on June 2nd, and now the first ones are canceling their planned events.

The State Theater announced that all events have been canceled until the end of the season on July 5. All performances in the music theater and in the Kammerspiele are affected. Information on

Also postponed or canceled:

● The one planned for July 3rd Start of the little high noise “Up in the cloud cuckoo home” of the Upper Austrian cultural district has been postponed. “We’ll wait and see how the numbers develop in the next week, then make a spontaneous decision,” said the OÖ Kulturquartier.

● The planned resumption of July 7 Leadership in the Ars Electronica Center will be postponed for two weeks to Tuesday, July 21st. “From then on, it should again be possible to book guided tours for a maximum of 10 people in advance by telephone at 0732 / 7272-0 or by mail to [email protected] and visit the Museum of the Future. The shift to July 21, 2020 also applies to the in-house event service and the bookability of the SkyLoft for events “, as the AEC announced. Info:

● The Linz Music School’s open-air concert, which would have taken place on July 3, has been canceled.

● The event “Diversity in Concert”, which should have taken place on July 8th, was also canceled.

Concerts in the Brucknerhaus take place under distance rules

● Concerts in July and August will not be canceled or postponed Linz Bruckner House. This means that the concerts in the Great Hall (summer concerts) and the open-air concerts in the arcade courtyard of the country house (Serenades) will take place as planned. However, in compliance with the distance rules. LIVA has presented Mayor Klaus Luger (SP) with an “elaborate distance system”, as the city announced on Thursday afternoon.

● Current changes in Posthof-Programm you can find on

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