“Corona Mask Force”: rally was canceled – Passau

With the mask of peace fighter V from the film “V for Vendetta” and disposable overalls, the “Corona Mask Force” demonstrated against the pandemic measures in Pocking. A brief appearance was announced on Monday in Passau, but was then canceled. −F .: Keller archive

After Freyung, Vilshofen, Pocking and Waldkirchen, it would have been Passau’s turn on Monday: The “Corona Mask Force” wanted to “end the Corona dictatorship!” occur. “Corona phantoms” in disposable overalls with masks of peace fighter V from the film “V for Vendetta” could not be seen in the monastery garden in the early evening. The planned and approved counter demo by the anti-fascist group “Nullacht51” did not take place either.

Five police cars lined the monastery garden. A good dozen participants in the rally “End the Corona dictatorship!” came despite the cancellation of the event. They stood together in a group for a few minutes, mostly without masks, until the police marched on them, then most of them left.

“A few participants were not informed that the event had been canceled. There were violations of the hygiene requirements, especially the mask requirement. As soon as we saw this, we intervened. Several dismissals were issued,” said police chief inspector Joachim Boiger.

As you can read on the Facebook page of the “Corona-Mask-Force”, applicant Julia Weikl and lawyer Markus Haintz – one of the announced speakers – canceled the rally last Thursday. The reason: “After eleven months of controlled division by governments and the media, the freedom movement should no longer provide any more templates for negative framing. Instead, we should build bridges of solidarity with our fellow human beings outside our ‘bubble’.” Lurid demomottos with fighting terms would only support the objective of the authorities – “divide and rule” – so the two.

Not all heads behind the planned rally seem to agree: According to the town hall, after the cancellation of one rally, an attempt was made to register a new one for Monday, but it was not due to non-compliance with the registration deadline (48 hours in advance, weekends and holidays do not count) approved.

The organization team of the rally was surprised by the cancellation of Weikl and Haintz, as it announced at the same time as the two on Facebook. The team has announced a statement for Tuesday – “after reviewing the facts and backgrounds”. − dst


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