Corona measures – three quarters of the population want to keep wearing masks


A new survey shows: A quarter would like to abolish the mask requirement completely, the rest want to continue to wear masks at least in certain places – some even after Corona.

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The Federal Council has lifted the mask requirement in the open air.

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A new survey shows: a quarter of the population would like the mask to disappear completely from everyday life.

A new survey shows: a quarter of the population would like the mask to disappear completely from everyday life.

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Around half agree with the Federal Council's approach.

Around half agree with the Federal Council’s approach.

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  • Around half of the Swiss are in agreement with the Federal Council’s action to partially lift the mask requirement.

  • A quarter would like to ban the mask completely or wear the mask even longer.

  • People of all ages tell why they want to get rid of the mask as quickly as possible – or why they will still wear it when they no longer have to.

For over a year, the mask has been the most visible expression of the measures taken in the fight against the pandemic. From Saturday, a mask will no longer have to be worn in many areas. In outdoor rooms, classrooms, in the fitness center and sometimes in the office, the mask is no longer mandatory since the Federal Council’s decision on Wednesday.

A new survey by (see below) now shows: A quarter of the Swiss would like the mask to disappear indoors and in public transport. Half of the participants agree with the Federal Council’s approach: 48 percent would like the mask requirement to be relaxed as soon as possible, but not yet lifted in all areas. The last quarter (27 percent) felt it was too early to relax or lift.

Young people in particular do not want to have to wear masks anymore. Only 17 percent of 14 to 19 year olds think that it is too early to relax or remove the mask requirement. With increasing age, the proportion of those who want to wear a mask for longer increases.

Community is divided

The fact that the mask is controversial is also evident in the 20-minute community. For the 22-year-old Jonas Berger, for example, it is clear: “I would take the mask off forever if I could. I work in the retail trade myself and with the low number of cases we feel ripped off that we still have to put on the mask. It’s tedious, you sweat, it’s annoying and I don’t see any benefit in it. ”

Others see it this way too: “I am in favor of the mask being taken off everywhere. I feel uncomfortable under the mask, without you can read your facial expressions better and communicate better. People with poor oral hygiene, on the other hand, are welcome to keep the mask on forever, ”says Jessica Vogel (30).

The 28-year-old CB * is also happy about the loosening that has been decided. «I am currently not getting vaccinated. Nevertheless, I would easily go back to thousands of people and just have fun with life again, even if nobody was wearing a mask. ”

“Better a mask than flu or corona”

But there are also people who prefer to leave the mask on: “I will continue to wear the mask because I generally feel uncomfortable with people and have a certain feeling of security with the mask. In addition, I have hay fever and I’m better off wearing the mask, ”says SM * (21). If the mask requirement also falls on the train, she still wants to wear a mask “especially if I have a cold.”

SF * also says: “Better a mask than the flu or corona.” Everyone has a choice, but ultimately the mask alone protects. “By autumn at the latest, everyone will be wondering why the next wave is here and the whining starts all over again.” He couldn’t care less because he was vaccinated. “Still, I’ll wear the mask for a long time in closed rooms – regardless of whether someone looks at me strangely.”

“I think the mask is great now”

TM * is 27 and “initially hated the mask”. Now she thinks it is great, but not for health reasons: “I like to be anonymous and I feel good when nobody can look at my face.” JM brings another aspect into play: “I am pregnant and therefore cannot get vaccinated yet. At the same time, all protective measures are slowly being lifted. I will certainly wear an FFP2 mask, but if nobody wears a mask anymore, it also reduces my protection. ”

PS (51) would also feel safer with a mask, especially in public transport: “Especially where there are many people, I will continue to wear a mask because a lot of people cough and don’t even cover their mouths. In public transport, the mask requirement should remain, I feel safer that way. ” surveyed 1,026 people between the ages of 14 and 74 from western and German-speaking Switzerland from June 11 to June 18. Further findings from the survey: In French-speaking Switzerland, there is more support for a relaxation than in German-speaking Switzerland. Wearing masks is still considered useful by those who are in favor of a partial relaxation, especially in transport and in health facilities.

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