Corona numbers on November 26th, 2022: The sixth vaccination is here

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“The sixth vaccination is here”

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“What Bayern did back then was basically house arrest”

Bavaria’s controversial Corona rules from March 2020 were disproportionately strict. This emerges from a decision by the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. Olaf Gersemann from the WELT business editorial department classifies the decision.

What comes after the autumn wave? Olaf Gersemann explains and evaluates the current figures briefly and compactly. Everything you need to know on November 26th.

24,687 corona cases were reported to the RKI yesterday.

That’s the lowest daily value in a working day since to the December 27, 2021.


Source: WORLD

A comparison with the previous week results in a decrease of 2.5 percentthe nationwide 7-day incidence also falls slightly, from 191 to 190.


Source: WORLD

In six of the 16 federal states However, the incidence increases, and in nine of the 16 it is above last week’s level.


Source: WORLD

The vaccination campaign against the coronavirus continues to falter.

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Almost 20 million people in Germany have not yet been vaccinated at all, and an average of fewer than 500 primary vaccinations per day this number does not get any smaller.


Source: WORLD

The number of fifth and even the number of sixth vaccinations is already higher. Both are now reported separately by the RKI.

In total, therefore, so far 704,000 fifth and 81,000 sixth vaccinations performed.

On average over the last 7 days, 13,100 fifth and 900 sixth vaccinations were reported.


Source: WORLD

Their Zenit has thus also this part of the vaccination campaign possibly already exceeded:

The highest daily values ​​so far are a bit behind. There have been 25,700 five vaccinations a day so far, that was on November 10th.

The record for six vaccinations is 4063, it was reached on October 24th, more than a month ago.

It is at least very unusual for the number of deceased to be revised upwards so significantly.

Every day we hear the new Corona case numbers. But what do they mean, where are we in the pandemic and what is the trend? Olaf Gersemann explains and evaluates the current figures briefly and concisely – every morning anew.

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