Corona numbers on Tuesday: 401 new cases in the state of Bremen

Coronavirus rapid test

According to the health authorities, another person died in Bremerhaven.

Image: DPA | Sven Hoppe

  • Seven-day incidence increases slightly in Bremen and decreases in Bremerhaven
  • Another death related to Corona
  • Hospitalization incidences stagnate

The health authorities in the state of Bremen reported 331 new corona cases for the city of Bremen on Tuesday. In Bremerhaven there are 70, and another person died there in connection with the corona virus.

In the city of Bremen, the seven-day incidence increases from 326 on Monday to 328 on Tuesday. A week ago on Tuesday it was still 305. In Bremerhaven, the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants fell slightly within seven days. There it was 263 on Monday and now falls to 233 on Tuesday. On Tuesday last week the value was 314.

Seven-day incidences in the state of Bremen

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The hospitalization incidence remains the same in both cities. In Bremen, as on Monday, it is 0.18. In Bremerhaven, the value for new admissions of corona patients per 100,000 inhabitants stagnated at 1.76 within seven days.

In the city of Bremen, 44 people are currently being treated in hospitals with a corona infection. Five of them are being treated in an intensive care unit, four of them have to be ventilated. In Bremerhaven there are 35 people in inpatient care – four in the intensive care unit, three of them with ventilation.

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