Corona outbreak after circus performances at the Freiburg school

Freiburg. After circus performances in the Waldorf School in Freiburg’s St. Georgen district, a corona outbreak occurred. Distance learning now applies to a large proportion of the students. 44 cases had been registered by Thursday, including 30 schoolchildren, a teacher and 13 follow-up cases in families and visitors, as the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district office confirmed on Friday. So far, no severe courses are known. The outbreak is attributed to several circus performances held at the school between October 8 and 10.

According to the authority, the events took place with a 3G concept. It assumes an aerosol formation during the events. A total of 1500 viewers could be affected. According to information from the “Badische Zeitung”, students on stage and some spectators did not wear a mask; According to the school, some viewers had health certificates.