Corona pandemic: How easy is it to get a fake vaccination certificate?

LKA warns against vaccination passport photos on the Internet

The inquiries in the state criminal investigation offices in Central Germany show: In Saxony and Thuringia, the investigators are not aware of any cases of falsified vaccination records. In Saxony-Anhalt one knows of five cases, explains the spokesman for the LKA Michael Klocke. The investigation is very difficult. The counterfeiters mostly used pictures of real passports that vaccinated people would post on the Internet out of joy.

Michael Klocke therefore warns: “It is quite understandable that everyone is happy to have received a vaccination certificate. However, if you want to publish a picture of your vaccination record on Facebook, Instagram and Co, you should consider the following: Criminals use the data that is so disseminated to obtain vaccination records to fake and offer on the net. ”

The EU is currently planning to introduce digital vaccination records. How exactly they should look is still unclear. The fraud could be exposed here, as the Thuringian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians MDR AKTUELL explains. As a rule, only one name of a vaccinee fits each batch number and this is stored in the databases of the vaccination centers. Anyone who transfers the name of a non-vaccinated person to a digital vaccination certificate is suspected of being forgery.