Hamburg. More than 2200 people are now in Hamburg with the Corona virus infected, nearly 150 people with Covid-19 disease currently need to be infected hospital treated, 40 of them lie on one Intensive care unit. Hundreds of companies, clubs and artists in Hamburg who are in financial difficulties are also suffering from the pandemic. You can now apply for funding from the city and the federal government.

Corona virus in Hamburg: All developments here in the news blog:

The Elbpneumologie practice in Altona now offers hamburgers who suspect they have Covid-19 a fever clinic and a drive-in smear station. The offer is a personal initiative of the outpatient pulmonologist in practice at Mörkenstraße 47 in Altona-Altstadt.

“With this we want to ensure both the outpatient care of the Covid-19 patients and the capacity of the smears for all hamburgers with symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat”, says the doctor Dr. Jennifer Engel. People seeking help could write to the practice via email at so that they could be taken care of as quickly as possible. The offer is free of charge for the patients. “The drawbacks are settled through the health insurance companies,” says Dr. Angel.

Federal police switch hotline for border controls

The federal police have introduced a telephone hotline for the temporary reintroduction of border controls.

Citizens could inform themselves in particular about the area of ​​the German-Danish border, said the federal police on Monday in Bad Bramstedt. There were numerous inquiries. The hotline is available on 0461/31 32 300 from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Admission stop for nursing homes in Lower Saxony

After the death of several people in need of care who had been infected with the corona virus in Wolfsburg, the state of Lower Saxony ordered an admission freeze for nursing homes. There are only exceptions if a 14-day quarantine for new residents is guaranteed, said Health Minister Carola Reimann (SPD) on Monday in Hanover.

In Wolfsburg, 17 people died after being infected with the corona virus in a nursing home, the city said on Monday. An old people’s home in Wildeshausen in the Oldenburg district is also struggling with infections and has already had two deaths.

The SPD politician appealed to relatives to refrain from visiting older relatives. “Please don’t visit your loved ones. In this way you protect not only your own mother or father, but everyone. ”There are many indications that the ban on visiting old people’s homes and nursing homes has not been observed.

Actually, Hamburg entrepreneurs should be able to apply for their state emergency aid online on the website of the Investment and Promotional Bank ( on Monday from 1 p.m. But there were and still are problems.

“We were actually in good spirits, but a data leak was found during a security check. And that has to be closed first. We are responsible for the security of sensitive data that is entrusted to us. That is absolutely important, ”Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs Michael Westhagemann (independent) told the evening paper. Work on the problem at high pressure, it said from the economic authority. “We assure all applicants that the delay will not result in them being left empty-handed, there is enough money. Applications can be submitted until the end of May 2020, ”added Westhagemann in an official statement.

The corona virus has reached the isolated North Frisian Islands. Föhr Tourismus GmbH reports the first affected person via Facebook.

The post says: “We have just received information that there is the first confirmed Corona case on the island of Föhr. The person is doing well according to the circumstances and is in domestic quarantine. We wish her all the best and a speedy recovery in this way !!! “

In order to counter the further spread on the island of Föhr and to protect yourself from infection, we ask that you continue to be considerate and comply with the hygiene rules. “Let us stick together in these difficult times and be there for one another as an island community. Please stay at home if possible. But above all: stay healthy! “

Despite Corona: Karl May games have hope for the 2020 season

The Karl May Games in Bad Segeberg are to take place as planned. “We still have hope for the 2020 season,” Managing Director Ute Thienel said on Monday. However, that depends on the further development and the official orders. After the Schleswig-Holstein Easter holidays ended on April 19, hopefully there will be clarity, she said.

The premiere of the play “The Oil Prince” with Sascha Hehn in the title role and Alexander Klaws as Apache chief Winnetou is planned for June 27th.

Confusion about test centers in Hamburg continues

The question of setting up so-called test centers is open again almost two weeks after the first announcement by the Senate. The spokesman for the health authority, Dennis Krämer, did not want to comment on the state of the considerations on Monday. “Discussions on this issue are ongoing,” said Krämer.

This does not rule out the possibility that such centers will develop in all seven districts, as planned, and that the plans will be completely rejected.

Last week there was also confusion in hospitals about the plans of health senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks (SPD). This had originally imagined one center per district and said that they were “in negotiations” with the hospitals. According to their information, these intensive discussions had not yet taken place.

The health authority, on the other hand, says that the question of the test centers should be based on the current and dynamically developing situation.

The contradicting statements are also explained by the fact that in the meantime it has been possible to significantly relieve the doctor’s call 116117 and thus to maintain sufficient test capacities even without centers. In addition, open test centers were also seen as problematic for all Hamburgers because the expected crowds could pose an infection risk. Nevertheless, this variant is still not finally off the table.

The Senate and the Federal Ministry of Health are trying to alleviate the shortage of protective equipment by placing large orders – according to the health authority, these are “prioritized” after arrival in Hamburg and then distributed to the various facilities, preferably for doctor calls 116117. A spokesman for the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Hamburg (KVHH ) confirmed on request that a “smaller delivery” had recently been received – it therefore consisted of approximately 16,000 FFP-2 protective masks, 3000 coats and 3000 gloves. Some of the masks, smocks and gloves were distributed to paediatricians, ENT doctors, internists and radiologists. “As soon as more goods arrive, they will be distributed to the other practices in the same way,” said KVHH spokesman Jochen Kriens.

The health authority had stressed on Sunday that every doctor in Hamburg currently still has protective equipment – individual doctors disagree, however. The market was “swept clean” and so were the company’s own stocks. Upon request, the KVHH announced that it could not provide any information on this. One can also only comment on further possible deliveries when they have been received. “Orders are placed in many directions,” said the KVHH spokesman Kriens.

Accordingly, there is still a great need for masks, coats and disinfectants. The quality of the goods received is checked by the KVHH. The health authorities have already heard that dubious providers also tried to sell defective goods in large quantities. There are indications that certificates have also been forged in individual cases.

Before the latest delivery, the city’s internal papers again spoke of an “emergency” in protective equipment in individual areas. According to the KVHH, practices have not yet been closed due to a lack of equipment.

The school board is setting up a corona care phone for parents. Schools have been closed since 16 March due to the virus pandemic. Parents may find themselves in stressful or even existential situations. What can you do if the children do not want to or cannot learn? What can you do if the nerves are bare due to the long time spent together and conflicts arise?

The 13 regional education and counseling centers (ReBBZ) offer advice and help with school and child-rearing problems on the telephone numbers 040 – 42812-8209, 42812-8219 and 42812-8050 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The ReBBZ can also be reached by email, addresses at The advice is free and anonymous.

After coronavirus deaths: lawyer files a complaint

The 15 coronavirus deaths in a nursing home in Wolfsburg may become a case for the judiciary. A Wolfsburg lawyer has filed charges for negligent killing, said a spokeswoman for the Braunschweig public prosecutor’s office on Monday. She confirmed receipt of the complaint, which now goes to the responsible public prosecutor and will be checked.

According to a report by the “Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung”, the criminal complaint is directed against those responsible at Diakonie Wolfsburg for negligent homicide in twelve cases. The diakonia was initially unavailable for comment.

According to the report, the lawyer referred to information from diakonia workers about grievances in nursing homes. He made serious allegations against the diakonia, there were “catastrophic hygienic conditions”. Of the approximately 165 residents of the Hanns-Lilje home, 72 were infected on Saturday, according to the health department.

Will there be short-time work at Hamburger Sparkasse in a few weeks? “We are negotiating with the works council about the possible introduction of short-time work,” a Haspa spokeswoman told the Abendblatt. Initially, these were only informal discussions, and it was not yet clear whether the instrument was actually needed. Haspa has already reduced the opening times of its branches in the wake of the crisis. About every third employee of the Sparkasse is in the home office

Ex-St. Pauli goalkeeper Benedikt Pliquett has reopened one of his sex shops despite the corona crisis. He quickly transformed the store on the Reeperbahn into a supermarket, thus circumventing the general decree that retail stores – with the exception of grocery stores, among other things – must remain closed.

In the “Darkside Boutique Hustler” you can no longer only buy sex toys since Saturday, but also cleaning agents and detergents, drinks and chips – in short: supermarket goods. As reported by the “Hamburger Morgenpost”, Pliquett complies with all security requirements of the authorities.

A spokeswoman for the district office center can not yet assess whether the conversion of the sex shop is lawful. The spokeswoman said that the prerequisites for this and whether Pliquett fulfills them are still being examined.

The health authority confirmed two more Covid-19 deaths on Monday: Two men (63, 66) had died from the consequences of an infection with the novel corona virus. The number of cases rose by 136 to 2214 – as in the days before, the number of cases in Hamburg currently only seems to increase linearly. 154 patients are treated in the hospital, 40 of them in the intensive care unit.

A week ago the number of sick Hamburgers was 989, 55 infected people were treated in the hospital, 14 of them in the intensive care unit.

The Hamburg drugstore chain Budnikowsky wants to pay all employees in the branches a bonus of up to 150 euros for their use during the corona crisis. The amount is expected to be paid in April. “In this difficult time, we are very grateful for the tireless, steadfast and nerve-racking efforts of our employees. We would like to say thank you with this special payment,” said Christoph Wöhlke, Managing Director of Budnikowsky GmbH & Co. KG upon request of the Abendblatt.

In the past week, various employers had announced that they would pay out a bonus to their employees, including large retail chains such as Rewe, Lidl and Aldi. There is no common line at Edeka, which is organized as a cooperative. However, independent merchants such as Edeka Niemerszein or Edeka Meyer with markets in Hamburg and the surrounding area and the division company Edeka Nord have announced on request of the evening newspaper that they also want to pay bonuses. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) has meanwhile declared that special payments of up to € 1,500 should remain tax-free.

While up to 25,000 calls a day had been received by 116 117 two weeks ago, the situation has now “relaxed significantly”, the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hamburg (KVH) announced on Monday. The number of calls had already dropped significantly last week, with only 2,500 on Sunday.

“We can be reached quickly and easily by the patient,” explains Walter Plassmann, the chairman of the KVH. He asks Hamburgers who show cold symptoms and fear an infection with Sars-CoV-2 “not to go to the hospital outpatient clinic or to call the fire service under 112, but to dial 116117”.

He refuses to set up test centers, such as one planned in Bergedorf: “We are fully operational when it comes to doctors and can also cope with higher demands,” says Plassmann, “Protective equipment is also sufficient in the medium term.”

They were stranded on excursions in Nepal and Cameroon and were stuck because of the corona pandemic: Now two research groups from the University of Hamburg have safely landed in Germany again. They could be flown to Hamburg with the help of the Federal Foreign Office’s return programs.

One group was traveling in the upper Manaslu valley in Nepal, where the geography students dealt, among other things, with the special relationship between people and the environment in the high mountain landscapes. There she received the instructions from University President Dieter Lenzen that all members would have to return to Hamburg immediately due to the corona pandemic. However, a hike of several days was necessary to finally get to Kathmandu. Some of the group were able to leave on March 21 before commercial flights stopped, but 13 members have been waiting to return.

The second group, consisting of two African studies students, a junior professor and a doctoral student, was surprised by the pandemic in North Cameroon. The group had been trying to return to Germany since March 16. But the closure of the borders and the suspension of all flights made this impossible. The group was stuck in a hotel. Protests in the capital Yaounde made the situation even more dangerous.

In both cases, the university president’s team was in constant contact with those affected, the Federal Foreign Office and the German embassies in Cameroon and Nepal. “I am pleased that the two excursion groups returned home safely and that we as university management were able to do our part,” said University President Lenzen. “This is good news in a time of bad news.”

The Hamburg State and University Library (Stabi) is expanding its digital offering during the corona crisis: All Hamburgers can now order electronic media from the “Catalog Plus” without a library card. Scientific work from home is also simplified: all holders of a library card are given temporary remote access to all media of the Stabi.

Science Senator Katharina Fegebank (Greens) explains: “This uncomplicated and fast supply of literature and information provides an important service for the public in the current exceptional situation. I am therefore pleased that the State and University Library has expanded its access options and its digital offer continues to expand. “

The Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf supports the global fight against the corona virus with 50 million euros. “This crisis affects us all. As a company, we want to increase our support for particularly vulnerable groups who urgently need help, ”said CEO Stefan De Loecker.

The money is intended to support crisis management in epicentres and in regions with weak public health systems and infrastructures. To this end, the Dax Group wants to work with international organizations and local authorities.

The immediate measures taken by the Nivea manufacturer also included the donation of one million liters of disinfectant. To this end, Beiersdorf activated its production plants on five continents for the production of disinfectants. Five million skin and hand care products are also to be donated to medical staff.

For a few days now, more and more calls have been circulating – especially on social media – to make mouthguards out of materials available in the household and to wear them in public. Dr. Pedram Emami, President of the Hamburg Medical Association, thinks this is superfluous: “I don’t know why that should be necessary. It is much more important to adhere strictly to the rules of distance.”

The protection of medical professionals with professional materials must be in the foreground, Emami explains on request of Abendblatt – to protect doctors, nurses and rescue workers from infection and to prevent them from passing infections on to patients. That is “essential”, says Emami.

In addition, the mouth guards from the Eigenbau brand offer no protection against the corona virus: “Even sewed mouth guards do not protect against infection, they can only help not to infect other people if you yourself are ill.”

Emami believes that on the one hand such instructions are circulating and on the other hand there are already talks about easing the ban on contacts: “Discussions about easing the measures are premature at this point.” Now you have to be patient – after Easter you can reassess the situation and consider whether lifting the ban on contacts makes sense.

Current corona numbers from Schleswig-Holstein

The number of infections with the novel corona virus reported in Schleswig-Holstein has increased to 1053. As reported by the state government on Monday, 46 cases more were recorded as of Sunday than on the previous day. 128 people have been or have been undergoing clinical treatment since the epidemic began. So far, seven deaths related to the viral disease have been recorded. This includes the Hamburg fireman, who died as a tourist in Egypt from Covid-19 and lived in Schleswig-Holstein.

Suspend HVV ProfiTicket? Employer’s decision

Those who are no longer traveling to work by public transport and therefore want to temporarily suspend their HVV ProfiTicket must contact their employer. “In principle, the Proficard can be canceled at any time,” says Rainer Vohl, spokesman for the HVV. The employer must also decide how long and in what amount the ticket will be paid or subsidized in corona times.

Luisa Neubauer puts on a mask, Linda Zervakis writes

Climate activist Luisa Neubauer addresses her followers with a selfie on Instagram. However, only half of her face can be seen – her mouth and nose are covered by a cloth. “Cloth, scarf, shirt, homemade everything is better than nothing,” writes the 23-year-old. She appeals to everyone to do the same and protect others in this way.

Also active on Instagram: the Hamburg “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Linda Zervakis. Not only is she diligently keeping her quarantine video diary, but now she is also writing poems – of course about the corona virus. Your request to the virus: “I think it’s enough with you now; watch and finally pull the leash and please leave us alone again, ”some Hamburgers will surely support. Zervakis left it open whether further poetic outpourings would follow. For true poets, the poem probably only deserves grade 3, she wrote self-critically in her post.

Many corona cases in retirement home in Lower Saxony

After the death of 15 people with corona virus infection in an old people’s and nursing home in Wolfsburg, another nursing home in Lower Saxony is struggling with infections. Tests have confirmed that 23 residents and 17 employees of an old people’s home in Wildeshausen in the district of Oldenburg are infected with the pathogen Sars-CoV-2, the district said. The health department tested all 51 residents and 44 employees after an 89-year-old died with serious previous illnesses and coronavirus infection. So far, mild progress has been found in all patients in the senior residence.

The extent of the disease indicates that the virus was not recently introduced into the home, said the district. The infected residents are said to stay in their rooms for two weeks and are cared for by staff who have also tested positive – strictly separate from residents who have been tested negatively and who are accommodated in single rooms and are cared for by staff who tested negative. The health department determined the contact persons of the infected.

The Hamburg Chamber of Students again demands that the school authorities postpone the Abitur exams (as well as the exams for the first and middle school qualifications). “In our view it is irresponsible to carry out the Abitur in the current situation in Hamburg on a regular basis,” said Chamber Chairman Henry Behrens. School senator Ties Rabe (SPD) is still holding on to the planned exam dates.

The board points out various factors which, in its view, make it necessary to postpone the final exams: It is currently difficult for pupils from households with little education to prepare adequately for the exams. The high number of infected people with very mild symptoms increases the risk of infection, and there are also pupils who belong to the risk group themselves or who regularly have close contact with members of risk groups.

Therefore, the chamber pleads for a postponement of all final exams and suggests a choice solution for the Abitur exams: “We think that a high school diploma can only be given if the special personal situation of the pupils is taken into account, so Hamburg high school graduates should have the choice whether they want to write the exams regularly, whether they want the pre-school exams to be assessed as a high school exam or their average grade “, the Chamber said.

Hamburg launches corona shield

The Hamburg Corona Emergency Aid for self-employed, small and micro businesses, but also clubs and trainers, artists and creative people starts up. Initially, those affected should submit their applications digitally to the Invesitions- und Förderbank Hamburg (IFB), which wants to put an application form on their website. “We are prepared to receive 100,000 plus x applications,” said Finance Senator Andreas Dressel (SPD). The city is expected to spend significantly more than 300 million euros to supplement federal funding.

Solo self-employed people should receive 2500 euros basic funding and companies with up to ten employees receive up to 5000 euros state funding. In addition, federal benefits amount to between 9,000 and 15,000 euros. Companies with 11 to 50 and 51 to 250 employees are not eligible for federal funding. However, they should receive up to 25,000 or 30,000 euros from the city.

Hamburg: are test centers coming at all?

In Hamburg, the planned Bergedorf Corona test center apparently failed due to the veto of the health authority. After the back and forth over the question whether test centers will be set up in Hamburg at all, there was no “go” from the health authority. Meanwhile in Elmshorn there is an apparently well functioning test center, a kind of drive-in for testing.


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