Corona: side effects and vaccination damage after corona vaccination: what can those affected do?

What is vaccine damage?

According to the Infection Protection Act, vaccination damage is “the health and economic consequence of damage to health caused by the vaccination that goes beyond the usual extent of a vaccination reaction”. Normal side effects such as rashes, fever or headaches are not included. Whether actual damage has occurred can be determined at the earliest six months after the vaccination.

According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, any physical reaction that is recognized by a pension office and an expert is vaccine damage. It doesn’t have to be a known side effect. Any reaction or illness can be reported as possible vaccine harm.

According to ZDF, there were at least 60 cases of vaccination damage caused by a corona vaccination in Germany up to May 2022. 16 federal states were asked about this, and there were answers from eleven.

How to apply for compensation for vaccination damage?

For registration and recognition actual vaccination damage is the responsibility of the pension offices of the individual federal states. Due to the required medical reports, it often takes up to a year before a corresponding decision can be made – and a medical connection between vaccination and damage can only be proven in the rarest of cases.

“Anyone who has suffered vaccination damage as a result of a publicly recommended vaccination can apply for care under the Federal Health Care Act,” according to the Robert Koch Institute. This is regulated in the Infection Protection Act. However, the burden of proof lies with those affected. A medical report must always clarify how likely it is that the vaccination has actually led to undesirable side effects in each specific case. A coincidental temporal connection is not sufficient.

The right to care is intended to compensate for the health and economic consequences of the vaccine damage. A lump sum to which those affected are entitled cannot therefore be given. Depending on the degree of severity, vaccination victims are entitled to a compensation pension of up to 811 euros per month. The Federal Supply Act is decisive.

Those affected are also entitled to medical treatment and compensation for loss of professional income. In extreme cases, the monthly total can be up to 15,000 euros.